Wednesday, 5 August 2015

One kitchen, two fools, six legs.

…Hello. Remember me? Sorry about the tumbleweed, I've been busy writing things. I still am, but I'm going to try to get back into the habit of putting things up here as well.

Recently, I was for a few days looking after my friends' dog, captured here in a typical moment of meditative thoughtfulness:

One of the solemn duties of whoever is lucky enough to be custodian of this large brown idiot is to give him a pill in the morning. He won't eat the pill on its own, so I found the easiest way to get him to take it was to use a dab of butter to stick it to a dog biscuit, and toss him that. I was constructing this cunning pill / biscuit Trojan Horse the other morning, with the dog watching me attentively, when I accidentally dropped the pill. As it rolled off the kitchen counter to the waiting dog below, I called out, instinctively… 'Leave it!'

Yeah, quick thinking, genius. Because it would be terrible if the dog ate the pill before you put it on the biscuit that makes him eat the pill...


Unknown said...

Next time you should try to open his mouth wide, drop the pill down the back of his gullet, hold his jaws shut, and rub his throat until he swallows a couple of times. Works 99 times out of a hundred on my parents' dog. If that doesn't work, stick the pill in a piece of cheddar cheese.

Anonymous said...

I thought this was going to end with the dog gaining a ton of weight because of all the butter.

mash mish said...

In the week in which Jon Stewart ends his tenure at the Daily Show, the other magnificent John of our times resurfaces.
Surely this can be no coincidence; I take it as a great sign.

Christen said...

I'm going to be dog sitting next week! no pills for the dog though, just walks and alot of throwing tennis balls

Graham said...

Good to see you back, John!

I was surprised to find another excellent Finnemore-related programme broadcast on Radio 4 last Monday that didn't get any fanfare on here beforehand. Thankfully I had the radio switched on at the time, because listening to Stephanie Cole reading Dorothy Parker is something absolutely not to be missed. Thank you so much for causing that to happen.

For anyone who didn't notice it was on, "With Great Pleasure" is still available on iPlayer at the moment.

Anonymous said...

And here I thought it was a brilliant attempt at doggie reverse psychology. Telling him to leave it = "Oh boy,must be something really good!!1!" = Dog eats pill.

Kestrel337 said...

Better he leaves it so you can stick it on his biscuit, than tries to eat it and spits out a disgusting slimy crumb that needs to be affixed to a biscuit.

gayatriramdas said...

Finally! A new post in this blog!
The (mis)adventures of human and dog.
One a madly cute mutt,
The other an adorable nut.

gayatriramdas said...
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Raye S. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Raye S. said...

I half hoped that story would end with the large brown idiot rushing the pill and devouring it with the relish of having captured a stolen treat; in my experience what hits the floor is fair game, edible or not. But then perhaps this large idiot has better training than some I have known :)

Tim said...

Even though the dog's name obviously isn't, I am still calling this a Snoopadoop tale. Perhaps one of my favourite moments in Cabin Pressure is in Ottery Saint Mary where Hercules and Carolyn are on the date and Herc keeps commenting on how rediculous the dog is "snoopadoop the cockapoo, noblest of hounds"

Robot said...

The truth is dogs really love pills. They have just found a way of getting a buttered biscuit as well.

The Real Emily said...

Nice to see you posting again! This made me smile!

Tigerhair said...

Pate works too. Lots.

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