Thursday, 3 December 2015

24 Doodles - 2

A quick sketch of Evelyn Waugh, drawn in March, on the island of Kos, whilst listening to an interview with him which contained the seed from which A Flock of Tigers grew. The man from whom Edmund Willard got his initials, and some of his opinions. (Though Edmund is fundamentally nicer than I fear Evelyn was, at least by this age.)


Carla said...

Your sketching is just lovely, good sir. Love being able to see. :)

Anonymous said...

I have a shameful confession. I was dead certain Evelyn Waugh was a woman. I remember first hearing the name from the 'evil name game' and never looked it up. /o\

EMB said...

Aw yay! The return of the blog and with fun sketches. This has made my day (despite the good news of also getting a job) :)

Nora said...

This is a lovely surprise! I've just been thinking about you and your amazing work. Many happy returns.
I don't know if you read these, mr. Finnemore, but I just wanted to say how much your work means to me. It helped me through some very hard times and became an important part of my life. It actually changed how I see things and made me a happier and a more positive person.
Thank You for everything, truly.

Martin Wittensense said...

That would explain a lot of rather baffling traits of Mr. Willard's.
However, I don't think Waugh was as childishly rigid as Edmund, nor can we, say what we will, accuse the former of lacking in imagination.
Waugh's disgust for Modern Psychology and its practitioners, I would argue, is based much more upon a well-reasoned claim, rather than upon an inherent fear of things deep; I believe you are absolutely right in setting your play in the olden days, as the Englishman of this type, for good or ill, is quite extinct; however, from the writer of Where've they Gone, the Politician's answer to the "Are you better than him" sketch, and many little amusing and truly instructive things, I would have hoped that the Englishman of yore would get a fairer hearing than this.

Tealin said...

What little of his writing I know seems indefinably spiteful somehow ... interesting to hear he may not have been the nicest person, in person. He makes a good caricature, though!

On Y wa Films said...

I have always found that Waugh's writing leaves a slightly unpleasant taste in the mouth, as if he simply couldn't bear to leave the reader uplifted.

Sarah said...

Evelyn Waugh was ALSO a woman, Anonymous. Evelyn Waugh married as his first wife an Evelyn Gardner, so they were both Evelyn Waughs.

Great sketch, John and instantly recognisable.

Somewhere in some filing cabinet is a postcard Mr E wrote to my Dad. I don't think they knew each other - just think my Dad wrote him a fan letter.

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