Saturday, 14 December 2019

24 Things, or so the legend goes. Probably nonsense. Thing 14.

Also drawn for the tour show. And also animated, though that was done by the excellent Chris Lincé, not by me.

And indeed not in Salford. Because in Salford, the computer that we run the show on froze at the start of the Kirates sketch, and Simon and I had to stick our heads round the back cloth and do it live. Whilst in the middle of changing into our red trousers...


bek yip said...

I mean, 14 is nearly 24. I think you can do it.

Unknown said...

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Helen in Mustardland said...

Just returned from Kent. Lenham had a kickturesque square, but no calm trees, as the day was somewhat glustery. I fear the treasure is destined to be lost in curketuity.

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