Friday, 11 December 2020

Twenty-four Things - Thing Ten

Scribbles from the US election night coverage. It was freeing to know I only had two to five minutes to spend on each face. I now can’t remember which were Republican and which were Democrat. Though in the case of the lady bottom left, I’d be willing to take a wild guess.


Anonymous said...

Ooh, I love a picture quiz, as I do these sketches. At first I thought bottom left was Kellyanne Conway, but I'm gonna go with Kaleigh McEnany, please. Is that Senator Chris Coons next to her?

I'd better stop there and let others have a go.

John Finnemore said...

While you're very welcome to play this game, I feel I ought to point out a couple of things that may make it a less than satisfying quiz.
For a start, I have no idea who any of these people are. I didn't draw anyone I recognised.
Secondly, some of them left the screen before I finished my sketch, so I finished them from memory and/or imagination. So they may not look very much at all like their inspirations.
Thirdly... some of them won't be in the public eye at all. Cowboy hat lady in the middle, for instance, I'm pretty sure was just a random Trump voter.

But having said all that.... I've just googled Chris Coons, and, yep, that's him! So one point, and possibly the only gettable point, to you, Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Well that's brightened up an extremely grey morning, thank you very much. I can't imagine a more satisfying quiz, what with 1 out of a possible 1 in the score department, and hearing that result from you.
Firstly and secondly, I am so impressed by your drawing ability and your memory/imagination.
Thirdly, my next guess was going to be for Cowboy hat lady being Jennie Bond. Exactly what the BBC's royal correspondent was doing on election night should probably remain a mystery, forever.

The fact I recognised Chris Coons from a sketch made by someone who didn't know who he was is testament to a) your drawing skill/memory/imagination and b) my having watched far too much US news coverage over the last two or three years.

Finally, finally some recognition for this particular vegetable artist. Oh wait, I commented anonymously... Nooooo!

Alan, seriously doubting my status as a Robot said...

The bottom left lady is clearly one of those terrifying Republican women called Kelly, Kayliegh, Kylie, Kelly-Kylie-Rosebud or Kellog.

They all share perfect teeth (on a strict rota basis) and the long "blonde" hair which serves to hide the enormous bulldog clip attached to the back of their heads in order to stretch the skin on the front to the point where their faces cannot move and they belive that they look young.

The result is that the last thing you see as the stiletto slides between your ribs is their dead blue eyes and gleaming rictus grin, a little like being murdered by Archie Andrews.

micheal pan said...
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Unknown said...

Mr. Finnemore,

I'm a big fan of your writing. Particularly your Souvenir program, Double Acts (which I just discovered last month), and your work on Mitchell and Webb.

As I write this, I'm imagining that I'm addressing your "well, since you asked me for..." character.

I'm commenting because of your drawing of Chris Coons. I'm from Delaware, he's my Senator. If the topic of US politics is boring, you can just accept my compliments and stop reading now.

Oh good, you're still here. Chris Coons has a sort of interesting ascension story that I thought I'd share. He got his job as Senator by accident really. There was a well loved Republican in that job, who lost a primary election to Christine O'Donnell, after she was endorsed by Sarah Palin. You may remember O'Donnell, she was portrayed on SNL by Kristen Wiig lampooning O'Donnell's "I'm not a witch" campaign ad. Or maybe you don't remember, is SNL popular in the UK?

Coons really hasn't had any competitions since he got the job. He handily beat his Republican competition this past election, Delaware is mostly Democrats, and she was a bit extreme for New Castle County voters.

So long and thanks for all the laughs,

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