Saturday, 13 August 2005

Slogans Regretfully Rejected By Madame Tussauds For Their Tube Poster Campaign... favour of:
'Grope Brad's Bum - Without Getting a Restraining Order!' and
'Get Closer to Angelina's Cleavage Then a Paparazzi's Zoom Lens!'

-'Cop a Feel Of Kofi's Packet Without Having to Breach a UN Security Cordon!'

-'Put Your Head Up Condaleeza's Skirt, If You Want To! Go On, She Can't Stop You! She's Made of Wax!'

-'Rub Your Hands All Over Mahatma's Shiny Bald Head!

-'Stick Your Face In Between Anne of Cleves's Breasts And Go 'Blubbalubbalubbalubba!'

-'Madame Tussaud's - The Next Best Thing To Sexually Molesting A Famous Person!'


Kieron Quirke said...

Madame Tussauds are very wrong here, because in fact the closest thing to sexually molesting a famous person is either sexually molesting an unfamous person, or molesting a famous person, but not sexually.

Or sexually molesting a famous thing other than a person.

Like a copy of Great Expectations or a Dyson cleaner.

Or sexually molassing a famous person - 'Cover Brad Pitt in Toffee While Groaning!' That sort of thing.


John Finnemore said...

Or, I suppose, for completeness, doing something sexual to a famous person other than molesting them, such as giving Baroness Amos a sensuous neck rub.

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