Friday, 26 February 2010

And anyone who says we don't is a dirty liar.

I do love it when you can tell someone really loves their job. 

Hard to say what the uppermost emotion is here. Excitement? Pride? Or simple joie de vivre? In any case, it's clearly a sign made by someone who just can't contain their delight any longer. 'Look at us, Ma! We sell paint! They said we could never sell paint; that the paint market was stitched up by the big paint barons; that two fresh-faced kids from the sticks would never get anything out of the paint biz but a punch in the snoot and a hatful of broken dreams... but we stuck to it, Ma, and we showed 'em all! We sell paint! We're King of the Worrrrrld!' 


Miss Pear said...

I feel that I should share my snapshot taken on an overexcited Tube train that may be a distant relation to this shop.

It won't let me show an image. Therefore, a link must do. Tish and pish.

The excitement of this train that the next station was NORTHFIELDS!! was quite something. "Look! We're going to Northfields and it's SO EXCITING THERE that it TOTALLY needs exclamation marks!"

(Northfields is not exciting. It is dull. The train lies.)

Richard O. Smith said...

It’s oft remarked – usually but tutting commissioning editors reading my submissions – that writers should always be aware who their readers are likely to be. Hence it’s possible that this sign was inspired by a customer rather than proud painter salesperson. Probably a specific, highly individual customer. The one customer who daily pops into the paint store and enquires whether they sell saddles, fishing bait or 8-track cartridges.