Tuesday, 23 February 2010

One to remember for 'I Have Never...'

You know how sometimes when you're asked whether or not you've done something, it can be hard to be sure one way or the other?

'Have I ever been to Shropshire... Hmm, don't think so, but I might have been, maybe on a family holiday...' 

'Have I ever eaten sashimi... possibly... is that the sliced salmon one, or the one that's wrapped in seaweed?'

And then, other times, you can be fairly certain. 

Do you know what, I never have. 


riffle said...

I imagine some Turkish food executive probably tried to repeat the success of "Turkish Delights" by calling this something like "Turkish Magic." But one of the smart young Turkish branding whizzes said "No, let's call it what it is!"

Hard to believe they can't move the items pictured here. Or something Google translates as Sausage Walnut Molasses.

Walnut Sausage is another name they could have given it for export. I don't think that would move product, either. (Detailed page via Google Cache is here, with much info but no images.)

I don't think a comment thread about candy should devolve into a debate about genocide/not genocide, so I will just note that the first recipe I saw for something similar was from Armenia: Roejig: a grape juice and walnut delight.

It probably tastes delicious.

Side note about walnuts: they were early main ingredients in a catsup, before it became a tomato-only product.

Jessica said...

Grape paste on string walnuts... sound like a euphemism to me!

Having seen the pictures it does not make me want to try this delicacy. Perhaps if the manufacturers had coated them in icing sugar like Turkish Delight they might be more appealing! Tho probably not.

Call me uncultured, but I have never... eaten Jerusalem artichokes. With or without grape paste!

Holly said...

Courtesy of colleagues from Armenia, I have tried them.

They are REALLY delicious.

Stu said...

Is this the result of a high-speed collision between a bicycle with a loose seat and a van delivering cases of knocked-off 'vin de table'?


I'll bugger off then ...

Miss Pear said...

God dammit, now I have Sandie Shaw singing "like a walnut on a string" in my head. I doubt that would have been so successful at Eurovision.

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