Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Just the one, Mrs. Wembley?

I wouldn't normally trouble you with an example of the old misplaced quotation marks thing, because it's so wide-spread, and there's a whole blog doing it already. But this one is something special. It easily replaces my previous favourite (a sandwich board outside an Edinburgh pub proclaiming that Thursday was "Ladies" Night), if only for the sheer unfathomableness of the thought process that lead to it.  I present:

Oh, me too. The number of times I've promised myself that I'm just popping out for 'a' pizza- and then the red mist has descended, and I've woken up, six hours and fourteen Quattro Stagionis later, spreadeagled in the gutter amongst a heap of crusts and discarded olives - once more a victim of my liking for 'a' pizza.


riffle said...

At first the peculiar orthography had me stumped too. As you said, it was unfathomable what had led someone to inscribe this.

But after looking at the US flag and the flag that is intended to be Italy's, it came to me: this is comic dialect on a sign. If you were to come across something like this:

"I'm-a Silvio and I'm-a from-a Napoli and me-a like-a pizza pies. Whazammatta you?"

The intent would be a bit more clear, I believe.

All the great sign painters complain how difficult it is to pull off dialects.

John Finnemore said...

Riffle P.I. strikes again. Yes, that must be it. What a mistake-a to make-a!

(Though it has now allowed me to reference the catch-phrases of not one but two mediocre 80s/90s sit-coms in one short post. So that's something.)

jondrytay said...

JAL once wished me a 'safe' and 'comfortable' flight, which was disconcerting.

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