Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The choice is yours.

Leanne and Lianne were the most identical twins the world has ever seen. They won prizes for it. No-one, not even their closest family and friends, could tell them apart. They looked identical; they sounded identical, they acted identically, and everyone thought they must actually be identical.

They weren't, though.


Amanda Prefect said...

I suppose you could combine them into I Love Bod.

(Admission: I am too young to ever have watched Bod. I'm just a retro nerd.)

John Finnemore said...

Or, alternatively, proclaim yourself Jewish, but eager to reach out to other faiths...

Ross Bennett said...

If you combine them, there may be a career counselor waiting to speak to you from a very well-known religious institution.

Richard O. Smith said...

Once walked past my local Chinese takeaway and spotted the hard-to-miss addition of a huge sticker on their door portraying a cockroach silhouette; I made a mental note: “don’t fancy this week’s special”. Apparently, it was a forced punishment from Environmental Health, warning locals of their lapsed hygiene standards.

Can’t help feeling the only market for “I Love Boys” stickers is the same local government authorities, albeit different department; namely, the one compiling a register of neighbourhoods where certain residents are obligated to place warning stickers on their doors. Very niche market.

Not sure who’d possibly want the other sticker though. Everyone knows Clapton’s dead.

dangerouslyhonest said...

That's pretty funny!

Anonymous said...


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