Saturday, 10 July 2010

Right here, right Now.

Sorry, seems like I'm always plugging stuff these days. This should be the last one for a while, though: I co-hosted The Now Show again this week,  and if you don't believe me, then here's the proof.

See? Told you so. Or, if you prefer being made to listen to things at a specific time, it's on Radio 4 today at 12:30.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Finnemore,
I had not heard you before today and loved your swimming pool piece. How can I find out where you will be performing?
Thank you and regards
Francis Cubitt

Anonymous said...

Thought you were brilliant again this week. Especially the swimming pool bit, but also the PR thing.


simon kane said...

Oh wow, You're REALLY in this episode. Terribly nice work. Whoop!

Piques said...

The swimming pool story analysis was wonderfully delivered. This kind of journalism is everywhere and what bothers me most about it is that the people who need to hear analysis like yours don't. They read the headlines and assume that Princess Di was murdered, man never went to the moon, aliens landed in Roswell, global warming is non-existent and that immigrants are taking over the world.

They don't think. They absorb. And they outnumber the rest of us. That literally keeps me up at night.

Piques said...

By the way, I am Helena on Twitter. Piques is a family nickname.

Stu said...

Plug, plug, plug ... well if you don't do it, no-one will.

And, seeing that the interweb is free, then 'servez-vous'.

No news of CP Series 3 then?

Richard O. Smith said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Richard O. Smith said...

New visitors to these pages resulting from John’s superb work on the Now Show, may…(gonna make that “will”)…will (told you) adore his sitcom Cabin Pressure.

John writes all 28 gag-crammed minutes of each carefully constructed episode, and appears in it alongside Benedict Cumberbatch, Roger Allam, Stephanie Cole (a lot) and Alison Steadman (a bit). It’s easily obtainable from here:

Go on, get it. It’s really, really, really good.

Deano said...

Dear John,

I too enjoyed the swimming pool sketch.
If you want some more comedy gold - check out the government's new website where people can make their suggestions on how to save money.

Mostly hateful stuff - but some people aren't taking it exactly seriously, as my mates at the Bad Science forum have sussed:


ban windows from government buildings

by bobcuts on July 13, 2010 at 02:49PM
civil servants waste millions of pounds every year staring out of the window. they should ban them and then by my calculations the efficiency of the government will go up by 3%. with the government expenditure at £700 billion that's £21 billion saved by stopping people wasting time looking out of the window.

How the idea could be implemented
paint all windows in government offices black

John Finnemore said...

Francis - Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it. Here is probably the best place to find out what I'm doing, though twitter's not bad as well. In the autumn, I'm going to get round to doing a proper web site, with a mailing list.

J - Thank you! I was pleased they kept the Sir Humphrey bit in.

Simon - Thank you! And nice work on today's Mitchell and Webb!

Piques - Quite. There's reporting the news with the spin of your publication's particular political stand-point; and then there's cynically lying to your readership to sell papers, whatever the consequences on the community.

Stu - Same news as before, I'm afraid: it's going to happen, but not before the new year.

Richard - Thank you!

Deano - Yes, we amused ourselves for half an hour in the Now Show office trawling through that site and reading the best bits out to each other. I liked the one that pointed out that a badly organised canoeing trip was unlike a game of conkers. Sounds like a Victorian riddle. 'Because one is a Kayaking Muddle, and the other's a... no, can't make it work'

Anonymous said...

"The Now Show" is unique in Radio 4's output in frequently leaving me blinking away tears not only of laughter but also of joy and relief at hearing the beleaguered liberal values of my generation asserted with fabulous wit, erudition, and generosity of spirit. Your recent contributions have reaffirmed the value of the brand - thank you!

Anonymous said...

Christ, that "Anonymous" moniker makes me look dodgy, doesn't it? My Name's Paul McCard, I live in Sunderland, and I'm easily findable via Google!

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