Sunday, 5 September 2010

King of the Swingers.

Here is the sign to a museum I visited:

I find it hard to imagine anyone who could resist following that sign. Perhaps you, too, would like to encounter Raja the Tusker? Very well. 

There he is. And not looking too bad, is he, considering he died in 1989? Say what you like about Sri Lankan taxidermists, but they don't shirk a challenge. Raja, it turns out, was not only a tusker, but also a Royal Elephant - and indeed a replacement Royal Elephant has not yet been found, twenty one years later. 'And how does one become a Royal Elephant?' I hear you cry, perhaps wondering if your own elephant might be a candidate for the job. Well, apparently (though I haven't managed to find anything confirming this on the internet) the qualifications are: fully developed tusks, a certain size and height, and the ability, when standing at rest, to touch the ground with all your toes; your trunk; your tail, and one other thing. 

Good grief, Raja. Well done. 


Richard O. Smith said...

At least you're not ignoring the elephant in the room with this one.

Also, since we haven't had a plug for a while...

( I feel cheap, mercantile and dirty.)

Waffle said...

Entirely irrelevant but look what Tania Kindersley said about you and Cabin Pressure!

"I think I also heard the funniest programme in the world. I may be wrong, but it made me laugh so much the dogs started barking. It is written by a man called John Finnemore, and he also acts in it, and he is so bloody brilliant I do not quite understand why he is not a national treasure, with comely ladies beating a path to his door. Or comely gentlemen, for that matter".

I can't be arsed with that html jiggery pokery but it's here:

Daedalus said...

More irrelevancy: "Safety Catch by Laurence Howarth, episode 3 by John Finnemore" ! Great episode, especially the dialog.

breanna said...

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