Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Your guarantee of quality.

Oh, good. You're sure, though? Because if there's one thing I hate, it's being fobbed off with products that have not come 100% from an elephant's backside. I'm sorry, but I'm a stickler. 

(Also seen the day I took that picture, something for very long-standing readers, if such people exist: a completely unimaginable number of elephants.)


riffle said...

I realize you are working here without compensation, but I urge you to post more elephant photos. This one is lovely.

And you can do it on the web; you needn't use elephant dung paper.

Richard O. Smith said...

I remember the unimaginable number of elephants reference; after all, elephants never forget.

Though that could just be cos elephants don't actually have much to remember: have I been to the watering hole or not? Thirsty, so probably not yet. That's about it.

No car keys, friend's birthday, anniversaries or briefcases on trains ...basically it's an undeserved reputation, this whole "an elephant never forgets" status - that's all I'm saying.

Stu Beale said...

For me the only unimaginable amount of elephants is zero. I cannot conceive of anything where there are zero elephants. I cannot recall a single memory where there were zero elephants involved. Nor can I visualise anything in the depths of my unconscious where there is a zero number of elephants.

Every other number of elephant I can easily imagine: Eleven elephants, two hundred and eight elephants, pi elephants, minus one elephant (very different from zero elephants), the square-root of minus one elephants, infinity elephants, etc... But zero elephants- impossible.

P.S. I’m sure I’ll want to delete all this later. There’s bound to be at least one spelling or grammar error (and it’s all meh anyway).

P.P.S. Elephant.

Debbie Cowens said...

Ah, but did you see any elephants slaying camels or horses with their trunks? That certainly seems difficult to imagine, if not unimaginable.

Of course I wouldn't like to suggest that Dr Johnson may have led us astray with his elephant definition, especially not on his birthday...

"The largest of all quadrupeds, of whose sagacity, faithfulness, prudence, and even understanding, many surprising revelations are given... by one blow with his trunk he will kill a camel or a horse, and will raise of prodigious weight with it."

Richard O. Smith said...

Forget something – yes, I’m aware of the irony. And no, it’s not another desperately transparent attempt to plug my book Oxford Students Pranks – that would be crass and inappropriate – but, this:

Still, I see, no one’s opted to make a “shows that advertising is bullshit” comment. A point I’ve probably now inadvertently illustrated twice within this post.

Anonymous said...


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h3h4 said...

Elephant, wonderful pictures, post more. Please! Lovely animals.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog info. I’d like to subscribe to your RSS. :)

Mrs. B said...

More pink elephants please!!

Anonymous said...


Can I link to this post please?

The counting Frog (2012) said...

"a completely unimaginable number of elephants", you said.
Was it in Elephanty St Mary ?
And how many of those could you imagine you could put in a plane ?
(but not in the fridge, please don't even try)

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