Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Next Week: What Happened in Kathmandu?

I turned on the radio today to hear this:

ANNOUNCER: 'What Happened in Copenhagen?'
GIGGLY AMERICAN WOMAN: Oh, I don't know what happened in Copenhagen!
ANNOUNCER: And now, the Archers.

I really hope this wasn't just the end of a trailer, but an entire programme.

While I'm here, some plugs: I guested in Miranda on BBC2 this week, as a tremendously punchable man named Chris, with the tremendous Margaret Cabourn-Smith as my less punchable, though no less irritating, wife. (Though having said that, she did, throughout rehearsals, enthusiastically punch herself in the prosthetic stomach.) It should be around on iPlayer for the next week.

And there are still some, though I believe not all that many, tickets left for the musical I have co-written, The Diary of a Nobody. It's from the 2nd to the 5th December, and tickets are available here www.drillhall.co.uk/pl389. I have bought myself a large ginger beard to wear in it. That, surely, is worth the entry fee alone?


Justice Cocklecarrot said...

A red beard? I must see this!

Ross Bennett said...

I swear I misread that as "ginger bread" on at least two readthroughs.

Anonymous said...

Good work on Miranda...the opening of your palms whilst talking about cervical enlargement was particularly graphic

Claire said...

I so wish I could come to the musical, but I've broken my foot and would never make it up the road! I hope it goes well, sure it will!

Ellie said...

Not really relevant to this particular entry in your blog, but this is something I see Arthur doing ...

Sam McGowan said...

I found your announcement of the 'empathy wee' sickeningly genuine sounding.

Tulsa Courthouse said...

I was just browsing for relevant blog posts for my project research and I happened to discover yours. Thanks for the excellent information! :-)

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