Thursday, 30 December 2010

Maybe they had them already?

Hope you had a good Christmas. I, probably like most of you, gave everyone in my family plastic co-axial aerial sockets, and small grub screws. Oddly enough, some of them seemed a little unimpressed, despite the clear assurances I was given by the shop where I bought them.

Completely inexplicable.


eAi said...

Maplins: the shop where you can't even trust the signs, let alone the inept staff.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind getting coaxial connectors for Christmas, as long as I got a new stereo receiver or flat-screen TV to go along with them! (Socket to me, baby!)

an_ordinary_person said...

Perhaps your gift recipients would have gained greater satisfaction from the £4.99 ones. If only the store hadn't already sold out...


bazza said...

Funnily enough I had noticed a lot of ridiculous claims this Christmas of what would make the 'ideal present'. I've worked it out now -absolutely anything they wanna sell!
ps: I enjoy Cabin Pressure!
Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

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