Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Wherein beholders do discover everybody's face but their own.

John Bishop is a hugely successful comedian, far more successful than I am. However, I've never seen his act, so I have absolutely no opinion on how good he is. He may well be excellent. All I do know is that there's something about the publicity photo that's everywhere at the moment that has made me take an instinctive- and let me stress totally irrational- dislike to him. This is the photo. 

Inoffensive, cheerfully smiling, rather handsome man, right? I know. But for some reason, I just have this feeling I wouldn't like him. And today, I suddenly realised what it is. It's those stray curls of hair from the back of his head you can see poking out below his ears. That, I'm pretty sure, is the sole reason I've taken against him. Anyway, I realised this, thought about doing a blog about it, and then thought - as you are no doubt doing right now - nah, it's not really worth one. 

Two minutes later, I caught sight of a mirror. Ladies and gentlemen, this is what I look like right now. 

What shall we file this under, I wonder? 'Chronic Lack of Self-Awareness'? 'Subconscious Self-Loathing'? Well, let's be charitable, and simply go for 'Time for a Haircut'.


Mungojrr said...

Chill out, man. All the fellas have them. Check out David Mitchell´s Twitter photo.

Anonymous said...

But John Bishop is really funnyyyy!! :(

Grimbling said...

Eee, yer look like a young Bill Oddie.

Unknown said...

Haircut! It's looking dangerously like a mini-mullet.

Piques said...

I like the scruff. But then, my husband has a beard. Maybe after 14 years of marriage I am now programmed to like facial fluff.

We have always had a deal that I won't cut my hair (its always been fairly long) and he won't shave his beard. But then two years in a row he has shaved his head and beard in a fundraiser for Charity.

Stupid cancer. They need to find a cure before he does it again.

Stu said...

Lack of sleep John. You're seeing things.

Anonymous said...

It's all those teeth; I reckon he's going for a 'young Hugh Grant' look, myself...

Unknown said...

Hehe I love this!!!:)
John Happy Christmas by the way!!!
And did you know its very difficult to get chocolate offof chocolate raisins! I was making a 'Martin christmas stocking' as presents for family who love Cabin Pressure but making the chocolate coind was impossible! Ended up just melting some chocolate.
We are having a get-together to listen to the xmas special!!!
Soooooo excited!!
Have a lovely day!!

Dan said...

It takes a special kind of man to admit, and then proceed to call himself out during a "lack of self-awareness" moment. So I give my many props to you sir. Is it really our fault though, that the hair on the back of our necks seems to grow at double the rate of the hair on the tops of our heads? A common syndrome known as "mulletitus".

Elle Marie said...

Hilarious! The picture irks me too, though I don't think it has anything to do with his hair more like just his face in general. For that matter: everytime I see a picture of Tom Cruise I want to hit something...and it has been like this all of my life even before he became famous. Go Figure.

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