Saturday, 25 August 2012

New Priory Engagement date, and a thing I made.


For one night only, the cast of John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme and I are back in the Priory. Not the rehab centre, the pub. So, in a way, the opposite of the rehab centre. It's the very last try-out of new sketches for the new series, and it's on Monday 10th September, at 8pm. To reserve tickets, go here.

Meanwhile, here is a little thing I made. Hope you like it.

PS Do check out the comments on the last post for a fascinating essay on Alan the Red, and warlike Alans in general. He was quite a guy, it turns out. 


Anonymous said...

The 'little thing' you made (how I love your modesty) is complete genius! Thank you for animating such a great monologue.

Ever thought of doing the same thing for some of your other sketches? I realise it'd be rather time-consuming, but all your many fans woud be hugely appreciative, especially me.

Can't wait for the first episode of JFSP Series 2 to air in September, particularly as I am guttingly unable to attend the Priory... stoopid day job getting in the way of fun things to do!

Again, thank you for adding an extra bit of sparkle to our lives.

Gordiana17 said...

O, oh, I'm gonna cry!!!! I'm in London on September 22nd . Till 29th.
Do you have show in this week? Please please please have one!

Anonymous said...

I love you. Let me break up with my boyfriend and let's get married. (It doesn't matter that I'm half your age, we can make this work)

Ingrid said...

Your 'little thing' has made me crack a smile for the first time in many days. Thank you, Mr. Finnemore.

(I particularly liked how happy God was about his well-known and best-selling book. What a happy god!)

J. said...

I saw this on tumblr and was deeply disappointed that a lovely and intelligent person like you would make another one of these HATEFUL lists (which have become even more hateful after being 30 ;-) ).

It had to appear five times on my dashboard before I decided to watch it, and now I'm so glad not to be the only person with these exact thoughts...
Made my day, thank you!

Nenya said...

Your video is brilliant!!

Mandy said...

Listen, if any of you reader happen to be in London on 10 Sept, sign up for the show immediately before it is full! You won't regret it!

Chris M said...


The September date will be the fourth (or is it fifth?), time I will have the honour of sitting in Mr Finnemore's audience in a friendly pub in Kilburn. I also managed to get tickets to one of the recording sessions (hint: listen out for the art gallery sketch in the new series) and while John was equally funny the venue could not be described as a friendly pub. Even discounting the fact that it is not a pub and the staff were far from rude or unhelpful, but anywhere that sells a range of alcoholic beverages that does not include bitter is not an establishment friendly to those of us who like to partake of fermented malt and hops with our comedy.

So, as perhaps as further atonement for inflicting their dictatorial wares upon us the publishers of the forthcoming postcards could offer suggestions for how to accomplish the having fun before or after you are 30. The first two would read:
1. Practice procreation
2. See John Finnemore live.

Chris (now off to think about which sketches I'd like to hear as monologues).

Chris M said...


Your comment about "what a happy God" reminded me of Douglas' speech about the origin of Ottery St Mary and all the heavenly otters in the eponymous Cabin Pressure episode!

Rebecca said...

Oooh, the "Be kind, have fun" sketch was already one of my favourites, and now you made it even better! I love the little thinky John.

Anonymous said...

I'm so upset I'll be away during September :( Will send happy thoughts to everyone who is lucky enough to go

Maddy said...

@Chris M: Have you tried the beer at the Drill Hall, though? It came in a cool blue bottle and tasted like Lychees. Lychee beer! (It was my sister's.) ... I'm also glad that I'm not the one that popped up at the Priory Engagements the most - I'd been wondering if I was!

Can't come to this one, I think. Shaaaame. But I have got tickets to JFSP, and it'll be the last time I see a friend before she goes to Uni, so I want to go for that, and the obvious wonderful comedy, but I'm worried I'll start waffling about GCSEs. And I need to give you a very judgemental-looking Cluedo card. (I stuck it on the wall so I wouldn't lose it again and now I have Mr Richardson staring at me like he's better than me. Which he is, but that's beside the point.) I might just mail it. Is that best? Hmmmm.

... But if anybody else is wondering whether to go or not, GOOOOO.

(I saved a Cockapoo from a building site the other day. It was called Baloo. Baloo the Cockapoo. Yes.) I'll stop commenting now.

Chris M said...


The drill hall didn't have anything that was beer-like that I spotted the time I went (the 14th July recording session, it seems so much longer ago than that) so I had to have whiskey and lemonade. That's not a bad thing in itself, although it would have been better if it had been Tallisker, not that I could have afforded it if it was (my income is the same as Carolyn pays Martin, but I don't get to fly aeroplanes, which given my lack of coordination is almost certainly a good thing), but when you want a pint of good English bitter with your comedy Scotch whiskey is just not the same. As for the blue bottle, I don't think I'd have recognised anything in a blue bottle as beer, probably assuming it to be an alcopop or some vodka-based concoction. I know I've never tried lychee beer, but I can't recall whether I've ever partaken of a lychee, so I don't know what lychee beer would taste like. I'm not sure I want to know?

As for a cluedo card, you have me rather confused I'm afraid. I rarely object to people giving me things, as long as their not fines or bills or things like that, that is, but I'm entirely unsure why I'd merit being given a Cluedo card with Mr Richardson on it (and hopefuly here you mean an assistant pilot and not my former headmaster, that would be too freaky)?

Maddy said...

@Chris M: I'm not sure what my sister asked for. Luckily she took a picture of it though - - that was at The Now Show, though, so they might've got different drinks in since then. It was quite nice actually. Not sure about the aftertaste.

Oh, sorry, the Cluedo bit was for Mr F. I got extremely bored revising for my Biology exam(I got a B in it! I didn't fail! Yaaay, not failing!) so I accidentally, uh, made Cabin Pressure Cluedo. Though of course I'm an idiot who forgot to bring the Douglas card when I was giving it to John. But really though, of all of the cards it could have been, especially when you have to figure out who stole the Talisker ... But yep, It feels unfinished just having one card left of the actual game. And it's irritating.

... I'm yet to figure out how to rig the game so that Douglas is the culprit every time.

Maddy said...

@Chris M: I'm not sure what my sister asked for. Luckily she took a picture of it though - - that was at The Now Show, though, so they might've got different drinks in since then. It was quite nice actually. Not sure about the aftertaste.

Oh, sorry, the Cluedo bit was for Mr F. I got extremely bored revising for my Biology exam(I got a B in it! I didn't fail! Yaaay, not failing!) so I accidentally, uh, made Cabin Pressure Cluedo. Though of course I'm an idiot who forgot to bring the Douglas card when I was giving it to John. But really though, of all of the cards it could have been, especially when you have to figure out who stole the Talisker ... But yep, It feels unfinished just having one card left of the actual game. And it's irritating.

... I'm yet to figure out how to rig the game so that Douglas is the culprit every time.

Maddy said...

Why, Blogger, why.

Eclectic Man said...

I wonder whether, amongst the books of 5001 pictures you must see before you die, 200 journeys you must take before you die, 101 books you must read before you die (300 recipes with courgettes you simply must try before you die?) and 50 things you must do before you die (tricky afterwards, one imagines) anyone has worked out just how long it would all take, and whether anyone could actually fit them all in with the unfortunate necessities of earning a living, feeding the dog, vacuuming the flat, doing the ironing, washing, eating, sleeping etc.

Maybe I'll just hunt down the latest Souvenir Program and stop worrying instead, that sounds easier, and, frankly, more fun.

Chris M said...


The Cluedo now makes sense! I'll put my thinking cap on regarding how to rig the game...
I'm thinking we should organise a convention or something of Cabin Pressure fans and share all these wonderful creations.

As for the beer, I certainly didn't spot any Adnams on that occasion as their beverages are usually worth trying (and I've been known to try some odd combinations in my time. Ask me about the Infamous Wednesday Night if you ever meet me in person...

meggywebb said...

Bum Fluff, 8 days later and I'm down in London permanently :( I'm still hoping for the day to see you live Mr Finnemore.

Maria N said...

Does Happy God look a bit like Roger Allam?

Pauline Laing said...

Just needed to say that I think the grasshopper sketch is the best sketch ever in the history of all things. Possibly even better than the "Traveller, here are two doors" sketch. Thank you!

So get back to writing, stop tinkering on the computer.

Mandy said...

@Chris M: lucky you to be able to go for the fourth/fifth time! Gosh I wish I lived in London or anywhere within an hour's train ride. I so immersed myself in Mr F's brilliant performance that day I didn't quite pay much attention to the service quality of the pub, that was not my purpose of visit anyway. I do remember the gallery sketch though, and also the building sketch as in his Edinburgh recording. I was there on 11 July, weren't you?

Anonymous said...

<3 <3 <3

You need to be cloned, John. The world needs more of you.

Britta said...

NO! No cheap copies of John please!!! ;-)
Gread one, thank you!

Maddy said...

@Chris M: Good! Sorry to have been confusing. Haha, thank you!

I haven't actually seen Adnams before, but it was definitely interesting! And now I want to hear about this Wednesday ...

julz said...

This made my day! john you are amazing! Keep it up! Cheers!

beth.sobel said...

Yes. Just yes.

Laura G said...

When I went to the Priory, I seem to remember that they were offering Hobgoblin and Tribute. Both very fine beers in my humble opinion.

Chris M said...

@Mandy, yes I was there for those!

@Laura, I can't remember about Hobgoblin, but I do certainly remember partaking of a pint (or was it two) of Tribute! Some years ago now when I was in on holiday in Cornwall and did the tour of the St Austell Brewery which was great fun and also includes 2 or 3 free drinks, one of which was my first taste of Tribute, this was shortly before they increased the distribution range so it hadn't even reached Somerset (where I was living at the time) yet.
If any of you are in the area, then do go on the Brewery tour as everyone was very friendly and it was both interesting and enjoyable (plus the free alcohol!) - just make sure you get a taxi home!

This gives me an idea - John, how would you like to perform in a brewery...?

Philippa Sidle said...

So wish I could go. But here I am, stuck in Scotland. They do let you out of Scotland, but they expect you to pay for a plane ticket or something first.

At least I did manage to go to one single Priory event last month, so even if I'm not lucky enough to get Cabin Pressure recording tickets, I can say I saw the great (and lovely) Mr Finnemore in person.

Loved the Edinburgh Souvenir Programme. My favourite sketch was the interview with the athlete... expresses those little logical doubts I always have when I think about sport.

Susan W. said...

My comment may be out of place but couldn't find anywhere else to put it!
Last Sunday I ran my first 10K in about 15 years, mind you I used to be an avid runner way back before marriage and child. I was a bit intimidated and also concerned because I didn't want to be the last one (it has happened to me once and it wasn't enjoyable, the cleaning crew weren't happy) anyway, I was trying to find the perfect music with the perfect beat to accompany me in my ordeal, thought about listening to some QUEEN but that didn't work. Then by some magic the Cabin Pressure playlist started to play and it was just what I need it. I listened to a bunch of the episodes and it was like magic, I wasn't worried about not lasting the whole way and I was happy. I have to say that a bunch of people would look weird at me when I laughed out loud! and by the end of it I was spotting yellow cars all around.
SO, thanks for being an amazing creative person, because without intending it you helped this stay home mom find the groove on her step.

Liz said...

Mr. Finnemore, you are wonderful. <3

NotMirandaHart said...

A list of "50 things to do before you're 30" is meant for people who:
a)Have enough 'spare change' to afford travel to exotic destinations.
b)Have time to explore above e.d
c)Actually want to do a) & b) and everything in between.

Most of us struggle to pay loans, keep our jobs and/or marry and raise families with all the usual humdrum that marks that landmark occasion when you're 30.

So sucks to you publishers, practice what you preach first while we watch in amusement and well done Mr Finnemore! ( Hows Cabin Pressure season 4 coming along?)

Anonymous said...

Love the video, but just one question: Why does God look a bit like Father Christmas as if played by Roger Allam?

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Bethany said...

I love your "little thing," it is the most precious little thing I have seen in a long time. XD

Lisa Jenkins said...

You're like a more gentle, kindlier Douglas Adams. Not that Douglas Adams was any less kindly or that you are, in particular, made of kittens.

But that is to say you, Mr Finnemore, are very funny.

Clydesdale Jefferson said...

Looking forward to new series of Souvenir Programme.

Clydesdale Jefferson said...

Hoping for another new series in 2013, that is ( sorry a bit late there ).

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