Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Farewell Bear Facts - Timbuktu / I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue

Just a short one this time, because this is the third one of these I've written today. But more, including cut scene and notebook pictures, can as usual be found here. 

- This is the first time Carolyn's had much to do in a Birling Day episode, and it makes me wish I'd used her more in the others - Stephanie and Geoffrey play off each other particularly well. I've always loved the line 'I thought perhaps you'd died' in Paris, but the early discussion between them here about the whereabouts of Timbuktu is another of my favourite Birling scenes.

- I like it that the effect on Martin of bending the rules is more or less the same as the effect on Arthur of trying to lie. Though, dammit, it's just occurred to me for the first time now that when Martin says in Yverdon that he cannot think of any time he's bent the rules, he's forgetting this trip. Although on the other hand, he doesn't bend any aviation rules, so maybe it's ok.


In other news, I'm very proud to say that I've somehow managed to con my way onto I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue for the second time. We recorded two episodes in Canterbury, the first of which went out on Monday, and the other of which will go out next week. So, if you've always wondered what Marvin Gaye's Sexual Healing would sound like if sung, by me, to the tune of Morning Has Broken - and who hasn't? - you can satisfy your very natural curiosity here. 


Anonymous said...

Ooh! Like buses, suddenly lots at once!
Delighted to hear you've snuck into another ISIHAC. I was privileged to be at the live recording of your first and will always think if you when I hear the word tunnels and Jack Dee when I hear the word Danube.

Jenni said...

I don't think it matters that Martin doesn't mention the time he bent the rules - I always saw that as him just suppressing all memory of this unfortunate (and unsuccessful) episode. I would if I were him.

It's my favourite of the Birling Days - largely because who wouldn't love a) Arthur saying 'Camel camel' and b) Douglas/Mr Allam smoothly chipping the joke into the net with 'And that way we'll know it's a real camel.' BRILLIANT. :)

BradyB66 said...

How to tell if you're an obsessed Cabin Pressure fan.

You're in the liquor store, buying Christmas gifts, and you see the Gordon's Gin and think to yourself, "Oh, how appropriate, because today is St. Petersburg Day on the CP Advent Calendar!"

Then you pass the Talisker Whiskey and grin maniacally because tomorrow is Timbuktu Day!

Katherine said...

"Oh no, please, that is too much, that is an embarrass de richesses." Thanks!

Congrats on ISIHAC! The absence of your name in the online listing makes me a bit worried about Barry, but I hope he was just busy.

Anonymous said...

ISIHAC has always been one of my favourite shows, and I had a little "moment" (as I call it) on Monday for two reasons: one, you were on ISIHAC, and two, there was AN ADVERT FOR ZURICH AT THE END OF THE COMEDY OF THE WEEK PODCAST. I didn't know what to dow with myself.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Finnemore,
A huge thanks for all your "Bear Facts" notes. And for your precious insight into your writing techniques, which are bith fascinating and very useuful when you are a budding writer (like me). And of course, thank you for all the clever plots and the good laughs provided by "Cabin Pressure". "Timbuktu" was my 1st episode and it got me definitely hooked on to it.
A French fan.

The Pink Lady said...

I love this episode, perhaps best of all the Birling days. Douglas has it right in saying it's a topsy-turvy day of misrule, which is a joy to behold. The script, as always, is so tightly crafted that it bears any amount of repeating. Martin's anxiety reaches new heights at the prospect of having to get away with a crime; Douglas, of course, still manages to steal the Talisker Talisker; and Carolyn has to spend a whole trip with Mr Birling without thumping him in the cravat. I love the way she sweeps in to fasten his seatbelt, treating him like the naughty little boy he is. And we, the audience, learn of the existence of Ouagadougou (Ouagadougou). All delicious; all brilliant; just like Arthur, whose transformation into a candidate for Mastermind is a wonder. Bravo, John Finnemore. Each one of these episodes is a miniature classic.

Nicole said...

I am absolutely loving these. You, sir, are a genius.

Jessica Marie said...

I was watching Gilmore Girls the other night and the mere mention of Toblerones made me fangirl :)

Philippa Sidle said...

One of the things I find funniest about Cabin Pressure is I think a theme in your work in general, the comic effect of the 'rare sentence'. Like the line about drunken bacon slicers or whatever it was in Souvenir Programme. Lines that, whether lampshaded or not at the time, make complete sense in the specific context of the surrounding episode but would be completely nonsensical without it. And there's a good one in Timbuktu: "I cannot imagine any circumstances under which we would have to refer to the real Ougadougou." Classic.

Stub Crouch said...

Always thought (in the run up to all the speculation) that Z might have been Zimbabwe! Mr Birling's Gun toting brother (played, naturally by Geoffrey Palmer) had to be rescued from an abandoned airfield somewhere. Would include a dramatic rescue with Gertie escaping with just a few bullet holes! :)

Happy Christmas Everyone!

Warren Terra said...

I feel like we've been cheated of a placeholder.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, please, will both of you forget the Farewell Bear Facts and concentrate on getting away with the CRIME?!

Susi said...

Like Arthur, I love Birling Day. The episodes that feature Mr Birling are some of my favourites, although like many others on here Ottery is my #1. I can't help but grin like an idiot whenever I hear about ottery kisses.

In other news: You were in Canterbury?!!! Oh, the missed opportunities. ;-)

Rach Cherryade said...

Ah Timbuktu, my favourite episode of the fourth series for so very many reasons, of course it's wonderful to have Geoffrey Whitehead back on top form as the incomparable Mr. Birling and Arthur's new found knowledge of Mali is priceless! It was a wonderful surprise to hear you on ISAHAC, I was already incredibly excited about that episode because my favourite stand-up, Susan Calman, was scheduled to be on it, but it was an extra-special treat to hear you and Tony Hawks too! Although I do hope that it was only scheduling issues rather than anything else that kept the legendary Barry and Graham off the show this week and that they will be gracing the airways with their melifluous tones again very soon! Given Barry and Graham's excellent Scottish accents and your own abilities in that area, I wonder if 'Australian Arthur' could visit Hamish and Dougal in the glen one day?

Unknown said...

Here's my Christmas present that came with a first officer deterrent....

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