Tuesday, 31 January 2023

24 Elephants or Bears - Elephant or Bear 20

 ALT TEXT: Daddy Bear and Baby Bear in bath. Baby Bear did big jump, and splashing, splashing. Such, at least, was the commission. 


Hrrrmph said...

The grand, baroque style of the bath, and Daddy Bear's expression of aloof hauteur, both lend credence to the notion that our host's patron is indeed some sort of aristocrat.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, between this post and the previous one, the similarity of expression is uncanny. Is this an indication that the artist is painting himself (in ursine form) into his patron's works, as with Raphael in The School of Athens? Fascinating prospect.

slepkane said...

Bears! In an elephant!

The Manic Whale said...

Splendid picture of a couple of bears.

v.edgy said...

Love it! No, wait!.. No, it's alright, I can see knees. Phew.

Anonymous said...

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