Sunday, 1 January 2023

24 Elephants or Bears - Elephant or Bear 19 (Surprise!)

It’s not an actual bear at all, Visually Impaired Squadron. Possibly you already suspected as much. It’s a 45 year old man with his face clumsily painted to resemble a bear.

ALT TEXT: It’s simply a picture of an actual bear.


Anonymous said...

from the Manic Whale.

Hrrrmph said...


Tealin said...

Pretty convincing. I'm convinced.

slepkane said...


Anonymous said...

Did you go down to the woods today?

v.edgy said...

Woah!.. It's a little tricky- a profile view would have been more helpful- but I'm pretty sure that's a loose ruff of fur. In which case, and thanks to our handy new guide (Elephant or Bear 13), I can say with some degree of confidence...

Grizzly Bear!

Jelllywoman said...

Are we taking the knees on trust?

Derek C said...

Definitely enjoying that the annual 24 things now has alt text. And alt text alt text. Although in this case it does mean that the reveal was read before the setup, which may not have been your intent.

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Anonymous said...

The eyes are slightly off again.

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