Monday, 17 May 2010

...And the Dutch, who are probably high, may or may not have something to say about our pepper.

Quote from the blurb on the back of a packet of sea salt:

"The French, as fussy about health as they are about food, make great claims for the rare salts contained in Sea Salt."

This may be the most arm's-length recommendation of one's own product I've ever read.

"The French..." (Not us, you understand, we're not French. And not any particular French. Just, you know, the nation in general)

" fussy about health as they are about food..." (Silly faddy Frenchies. I wouldn't listen to any claims they might happen to make, the big Gallic fuss-pots.)

"...make great claims..." (We're not saying what the claims are. And we're certainly not saying whether or not they're true. In fact, with the adjective 'great', we're rather hinting they're not.)

"...for the rare salts contained in Sea Salt." (So, just so we're clear, these unspecified and unsubstantiated claims made by unidentified people are not, in fact, for our product, but for trace elements found within it. So, no suing, Ok? But, yeah, basically, salt is good for you.)


Anonymous said...

could be worse
I once saw a sign outside a car shop that said in very big writing,
"10 years warranty for all cars"
and then in the top left hand corner in tiny letters it said,
"up to".

That sign has been replaced by a similar one, but instead of "up to" at the bottom it now reads, "*conditions apply".

Just out of interest, have you ever heard of Canberra? Probably have, but it's the capital of Australia, but most people think that Sydney is because Sydney seems more like a capital city than Canberra. Also Canberra doesn't have an international airport. Thought you might find that interesting.

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Anonymous said...

I like it when you are kindly presented with the ingredients 'list' on salt:
You don't say? Someone's using the word their defining in the definition here!