Wednesday, 19 May 2010

And leading away from it... Woozle tracks.

Do you have a child? Or know a child? Has that child done something to displease you? Would you like to make that child cry? Indeed, do you wish to disturb that child's dreams and psychologically scar it for years to come? No problem! Just show it this picture of something I came across this afternoon.

Job done.


Richard O. Smith said...

Wooarrhhh!! Certainly puts the scar into scary – kids will be scar(r)ed all the way to adulthood by that graphic image. You certainly got a big surprise by going down to the woods today. And confronting that sight must have been sufficiently terrifying to prove that it isn’t just bears who defecate in the woods.

Somewhere there’s a (small) plate of porridge that’s now very cold.

Jessica said...

This is almost as macabre as the fishtank full of stuffed koala's outside a flat in Covent Garden. I walk past it every week and it freaks me out.

Obviously the fish tank has no water in it... these people aren't complete sadists.

Unknown said...

As someone about to become a grandmom....I'm going to file this one away for potential use in the future!! I've waited a long long time for this!! just have to live long enough!! Ha!!

Karen said...

Oh no! The rumbly in his tumbly got out. It's so sad, and yet really funny all at the same time.