Friday, 18 June 2010

Commercial Break

I shall be on the Now Show again on Radio 4 this evening at 6:30, repeated Saturday at 12:30, and available here for the following week, sharing my important thoughts on the oil spill, with particular regard to walruses, robot crabs, and Kevin Costner's scientist brother.

So long as I'm plugging, the new series of David Mitchell's Soapbox rumbles merrily on - the latest one is here, is all about it being a good thing to include references to things not everyone will get, and thanks to the cleverness of the animators, includes several references to things neither David nor I get. (Anyone know what that transparent red bollard is, for instance?)


Ross Bennett said...

Excellent! This confirms our suspicions which were ever-so-slightly aroused when Laura Shavin tweeted a picture of you yesterday and made very clear that she was not implying that you visit prostitutes.

I look forward to your oil spill, because you really raised the bar with your animal cruelty.

Ross Bennett said...

Don't want to spoil it, but wow they put in a lot of references. If you're really not sure what the red thing is, or want some guesses on the more obscure ones, say so and I'll send you an email at the usual place.

riffle said...

I am greatly pleased that the Now Show will benefit from your efforts again.

I urge you to inform the masses that the program is also the BBC Friday Comedy Podcast, so they can pick up an MP3 to slip into the audio player handily.

BBC Friday Comedy Podcast

I'm not up to grokking all the references in this (typically excellent) Soapbox. However, a prior episode concerning the English languages was picked up by very many blogs I follow here in the States. For example:

Andrew Sullivan

John Hodgman

Maximum Fun/ The Sound of Young America

The Awl

And many more. You've broken into the New World.

Anonymous said...

Thought your Now Show bit was quite brilliant. Very enjoyable.


John Finnemore said...

Ross - Thank you for your explanation of the lighthouse, but I'm afraid it's not quite right. (I only know because I asked.) You're on the right lines, but the correct answer is a connection of a Mitchell with that specific image...

Riffle - Thank you very much! I noticed earlier this week, with astonishment, that John Hodgman, was following me on Twitter, and eventually traced the reason back to you.

J - Thank you!

Ross Bennett said...

Aha! Then I've still got that one to figure out as well.

I was just about to say, "Well, at least I can take comfort in knowing that I'm not alone--despite the time I spent searching." But then I realized I was using the people who would comment on YouTube videos as a reference.

At least they were DMSB viewers.

Or YouTube-trolling spambots.