Saturday, 25 December 2010

Things on which I saw people slide down Primrose Hill this Christmas week.

- Sledges
- Trays
- Binbags
- Recycling box lids.
- A shelf.
- One of those pallets in which bakers deliver loaves.
- A 'Men at Work' road-sign.

And then there was this guy:

One of nature's optimists.

(While I'm here: some things you might care to listen to / watch on Christmas day, once you're bored with mince pies and arguing.

- Cabin Pressure Christmas Special, 8:30am, Radio 4. I wrote this, and am in it. 
- Now Show Christmas Special, 12.30pm, Radio 4. I wrote some stuff for this. 
- The One Ronnie, 5.10pm, BBC One. I wrote a sketch for this. The Attenborough one.)

Merry Christmas!


Tact said...

I'm still awake, here in the eastern US... and I've no plans to sleep until AFTER I listen to the Cabin Pressure Christmas Special! (Man... somebody get me a Lucozade, please!)

Merry Christmas to you, John!

Tact said...

Ah, but my Christmas morning is now complete! Wonderful show. Didn't wake the family with my laughter, luckily.

Now, off to face-plant the pillow...

Jasmine said...

Merry Christmas! :D

Hahaha, seems Primrose Hill is an exciting place this time of year!

Anonymous said...

Just listened to the Christmas Special and you guys did a great job! It was really funny, I literally laughed my ass of! Can't wait to hear the new season! :D

Julia said...

Merry merry merry Christmas! Cabin Pressure was the BEST start to the day! .. now working up the enthusiasm to blanket those pigs.

Anonymous said...

A grand start to the day! Merry Christmas John, and tonight we'll raise our glasses of (unmulled) Petrus 2005 to the new series.

Anonymous said...

Okay, John, now we want to know what happened to the pilot who left before Martin joined MJN Air. *That* was Nigel, wasn't it? Did he retire, or is he in prison? Or did he run off with one of Douglas's many wives? Please put us out of our misery ...

Tanja said...

There's a hill next to my house I took my sledge to every year when I was a kid, and it would end with me hitting a tree every. Single. Time.

I was so excited about the Christmas special, the only problem was that it was Christmas and therefore I had no time to listen to it. But there's always the BBC iPlayer.

Oh, and I'm equally excited about the 3rd season!

P.S.: I think it was always the same tree, even.

Unknown said...

I've just been listening to the 'Now Show' Panto on the iPlayer. Great show, but who is responsible for the 'Happy Ending Song'? I now have it going round and round in my head. Particularly the 'La la la' verse as it's the only verse I can remember the words to!

jondrytay said...

Finnemore- do you want a sledge? I have a spare sledge. I was going to give it to Rob and Abi for Es, but I get the distinct feeling that you're hinting you want a sledge.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, major high atm. :D Not anything bad. Or illegal. :D Just the combination of awesome music and Christmas Chocolate! :D
ANYWAY! I watched the One Ronnie thing, ANDDD, I saw your name! and thought, hmmm. I know who that is. (I'd had rather alot of Christmas Pud and was very full and sleepy) Anyways! It was YOUUUUU!
Merry Christmas and A Very Happy New Year!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Hi John

Just wanted to say a quick hi, was listening to Cabin Pressure and realised I recognised your name from a long way back... Broadstone Middle I think...

Great to see your doing so well, if you are ever back home and want to catch up let me know.

Martin (Upton Way – if it helps!)

LynneM said...

Really enjoyed Cabin Pressure Christmas Special- very funny, and very inventive. Stuffing the turkey took some of my concentration on Christmas Morning, so had to listen again on iPlayer: still very funny and very inventive. Happy New Year, John.

John Finnemore said...

All - Thank you very much for being so nice about Cabin Pressure! Glad you enjoyed it.

Ficklepickle - I'm really tickled you noticed. Yes, Martin's predecessor as captain was called Nigel, and so, I reasoned, when trying to come up with names for extra pilots on the hop she'd think of that name first, and then 'Noel' because it has the same initial, and she's looking at Christmas decorations. I never expected anyone to notice, though!

Jon - Yes, please. I used to have one when I was a boy, but a lawyer took it away from me, and ever since then I have ruthlessly devoted my life to building my media empire. It's not going very well so far.

Shtaan - I must admit I haven't heard it myself yet (it's on my mp3 player, though) but I assume if it was a song it was the work of Mitch Benn.

Martin - Hi! Great to hear from you! Yes, of course I remember you, and Richard Millar. Have just today returned from Dorset, unfortunately, but next time I'm down I'll get in touch.

Anonymous said...

We have just caught the Christmas special of Cabin Pressure. The best thing on TV or radio during the holiday.

Thank you very much for such a wonderful show - happy new year!!

Anonymous said...

Excellent work, I like it.
Merry Christmas Greetings

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