Wednesday, 24 August 2011

And even then, only if things get more delicious if there's more of them. Which they don't.

Sorry for the silence - it's still unusually busy around here. For instance, this Saturday, there will be another informal try-out of new material for my sketch show. It will be earlier than usual, starting at 5pm, and it will almost certainly be at the Albany, unless I find out tomorrow (Thursday) that it will have to be somewhere else. Watch this space for confirmation, and instructions how to get tickets - the good news is it won't be through that place with the exorbitant booking charges.

In the meantime, here's something spotted by my friend Karl:

...As opposed, presumably, to their previous policy of putting two thirds of a bar in each pack.


Kate said...

Have recently finished reading your blog. No... the whole thing. Would really enjoy more updates, but I suppose being brilliantly funny in other places is a reasonable excuse to skive off here. Hope all goes well Saturday (everyone laughs in the funny bits, and leaves in an orderly fashion when it's over).

All the best!

Anonymous said...

Failtastic. If you don't pass Maths at school, you can always go into advertising.

But I was worried to hear that you were working harder than ever, John; I'd fondly hoped that the long silence might mean you were lazing on a beach somewhere glamorous dreaming up new CP episodes. The forty-six (or forty-five) weeks of the year when we don't get them have begun to feel even longer than waiting for the cricket season to start ...

Douglas really *would* play to win, wouldn't he, even in his underwear?

Anonymous said...

'Deliciousness' is such an Arthur word. I miss Arthur. But I'm also looking forward to your new show. Best of luck with it!

Ross Bennett said...

For a moment I was wildly excited at the notion of "cricket season."

It was like imagining a million otters. WOW!

Then I remembered cricket is game, isn't it?

Silly old bear.

Piques said...

I'm going to try that one on my daughter the next time she won't eat her broccoli.

Kaitebon said...

A few days ago I heard an ad on the radio that reminded me of your ad posts.

It was an NYC area light rock station, and the speaker sounded very valley girl:

"Music back then had something to say, and we still need to hear it! Lite FM -- Proud to still play great old songs!"

When it started I thought I was going to object when they played something from the eighties as a "great old song"

When they played Sting's "Every breath you take" I wondered who thought that we still needed to hear the message of creepy stalkerism today...

H. R. Bryen said...

Surely they mean by 100%, unless there were no bars in each pack before.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha...I have a maths degree, but I just had to get a pen and paper out in order to check your maths there! I knew that the 200% increase was blatantly wrong...but it took me a couple of tries to convince myself that 2/3 of a bar was right! It is.

D said...

Maybe each bar is only 50% delicious on its own? No wait, that's not right... how did we get to two-thirds? It's all so confusing and I don't have a calculator!

This is what I get for having a BA in English.

Kaitebon said...

The ad says 200% MORE deliciousness, which, assuming there used to be only one Nature Valley bar in a pack would come out to 1 bar plus 200% of a bar (2 bars) -- 3 bars.

However, 200% of 2/3 is 4/3. So if you add 200% to the original 2/3 you get 6/3, aka 2. There are two bars in a Nature Valley.

So, really what the advertisers should have said was "We wanted to give you 100% more deliciousness" or "We wanted to give you 200% deliciousness."

(Sorry... been tutoring math all week...)

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