Thursday, 25 August 2011

Extra Souvenir Programme try-out this Saturday!

Hooray, the venue have confirmed - there WILL be an extra try-out date for my sketch show: 5pm this Saturday (the 27th) at the Albany, Great Portland Street, W1W 5QU. (I know, matinee! Classy, huh?) Better still, I'm trying out a new way of taking bookings that doesn't involve massive booking fees: go here to book.


Robyn said...

I wish I could go. But unfortunately I am a Doctor Who fan. :/

Rachel said...

Booked a seat! And I've never been to any of your shows before, so v excited to start!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, John, that's a really good way of organising it and saves well needed cash! But are you really going to fit 80 people in that tiny basement?

Gordiana17 said...

Booked a seat for me and my mom. I love Cabin Pressure, so I'm veeery curious about your new show.

Gordiana17 said...

I just wanted to say, that it was... BRILLIANT ;)

Musical Lottie said...

I was on holiday at the time otherwise would have tried to come, but I was curious to see the new system of booking and had a look - what a great idea! I'm sure the evening was a success.

Tim said...

A great show John, thank you.

Not sure if you are after feedback but for what it's worth...

I love the "breaking the fourth wall" moments (like at the end of the curse sketch) that cropped up throughout. Not sure if they were all scripted but I think it would make a really good trademark of your work so I hope they survive.

Sarcastic Policeman shorts were excellent.

Ditto Sheriff of Nottingham monologue. I may have to learn that for occaisional use at parties (strictly with appropriate royalties of course!)

Loved the Voltaire accents and the beautiful conondrum you created.

No weaknesses at all that I could see. Massively looking forward to hear the broadcast versions.

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