Friday, 5 August 2011

Goose smoothies all round.

St Petersburg, the final episode of the third series of Cabin Pressure, is now available here. Spoilers for it follow.

Well, I thought it was about time I did an exciting final episode. Both the final episodes of the first two series were 'shut-in' ones; the main characters alone, passing the time, annoying each other, playing games, and with a bit of character revelation. I really like episodes like that, but this time I fancied doing a proper finale, with actual peril, both with the emergency at the beginning, and with the threat to the company. One thing I like about it is that when Douglas says he hasn't got any ideas, and can't save them, he's telling the truth. It's only when he realises Gordon's plan that he sees how to turn it to his advantage. I also like that in an actual bona fide emergency, Martin is capable of coping with it, and Douglas is capable of letting him.

God, wasn't Timothy West good? I wanted someone who could equally well do genial and disarming at first, to make the guys (and us) wonder what Carolyn and Arthur are making such a fuss about - and then suddenly drop into sheer bastardry for his big speech. Trying to describe the character to David the producer before he'd seen the script, I believe I said: 'Well, if it was a film, you'd get Timothy West'. Still can't believe we actually did! And Paul Shearer! Only about six words to say as Tommo, but got a laugh on every single one! I felt at the time it was a terrible waste of such a funny actor (though he was also St. Pete ATC), but you can't argue with a laugh-per-utterance average like that. 

Not much in the way of deleted scenes this time - or rather, there was one massive one: a four page  long conversation between Martin and Douglas in the canteen about their fathers, but losing that meant we were able to keep everything else more or less intact. I won't post that, because I might use it in the future. The only other thing I slightly regret losing is the bit where Gordon, when he still seemed nice and reasonable, conned Carolyn not only into letting him book the office where they meet in MJN's name, but into thinking he was making a concession to her in so doing. I won't put that up either, though- instead I'll put up this very small cut from Gordon's first scene.

GORDON: Just got in. Bloody hell, the crosswind, eh? Hairiest landing I’ve had for years!
MARTIN: Yeah! You should try doing it on one engine!
GORDON: Jeez, I wouldn’t want to! Did you?
MARTIN: No, I didn’t!
GORDON: Oh. Right, I was gonna say!
MARTIN:  No, I mean, I didn’t want to either. 
DOUGLAS: ...However, he absolutely did. Rather well, actually.


casscaro said...

Ah, what will we do without the weekly Cabin Pressure fix? Well, listen to the downloads on a virtual loop as I've done with the other two series, naturally, but I will miss the joy of the new episodes. And this last one has to be one of my all time favourites - great episode, even if there was a moment of horror at the thought that MJN might be no more! But like Arthur, we knew Douglas would sort it out in the end.

Never done this blog thing before but just wanted to thank you so very, very much for the absolute pleasure Cabin Pressure has brought to each member of the family - from my 12 year old daughter, to whom everything is now "brilliant", to my stroppy teenage son, who will only turn off the XBox and leave his room for Cabin Pressure and food (best if both together), and to me - listening to it again and again while working at the 'puter keeps me sane, and I never, ever tire of it. Oh - and car journeys are so much easier with Jelly Babies to manual and yellow cars to spot.

It's a genius of a show. Thank you so much for it. And if you should consider writing more, that would be brilliant.

Oh - question from aforementioned teenage son. Any chance of a TV series?

Jess said...

Congratulations, Mr Finnemore! And, may I say, what an excellent series it was! Thank you so much for all your time and effort. You have a great many loyal fans (as I know you saw at who would all like you to know that you are brilliant!

forsakinghalfloves said...

Congratulations and well done to all of you! Blessings from Manila! :)

Robin Tamblyn said...

Timothy West was brilliant in this...I remember seeing him on a train to Barnstaple about ten years ago on the Tarka Trail (otter alert!)

There has to be a series 4 - we haven’t heard T, U, V, W, X, Y and Z yet! (I’m sure you don’t need any more ideas, but these are a few I thought of...)
Torremolinos – the crew go to Malaga for Douglas’s fourth stag do.
Venice - Arthur romances a scarily efficient stewardess in the world’s romantic city...
Washington - Douglas brings his daughter aboard for “Take Your Children To Work Day.”
Zemio – the 2012 Xmas special? The crew discover some unexpected Christmas spirit after being reluctantly dragged along on a charity mission to Central Africa.

Wonderful show...every one a gem.

Kaitebon said...

I left a note of twitter as well, but I have to say, this episode is incredible.

I think what blew me away was the scene where Arthur wasn't able to describe his dad. It was heartbreaking, and it only took a few words.

Really great series!

Anonymous said...

Such a good episode, and a great end to a series!
Will there be a series 4??

Andrew Bossom said...

There's something satisfying about a good finale. And I did enjoy the element of drama, which is a Very Good Thing when you have a cast that includes the likes of Stephanie Cole and Timothy West.

Matt Bell said...

I disagree John, drawing a picture of an elephant always helps...

2fishinatank said...

Hi John, BRILLIANT stuff as always!
I know I may not like the answer, but when we get to episode Z is my favourite radio show (and you've beaten out 'I'm sorry I haven't a cue' and 'The Goon show') going to end for good? If so, is it socially unacceptable for me to start crying now?

Unknown said...

Popping in from California to say that I LOVED this episode. Way to make series 3 go out with a bang. :D (Very nearly literally.)

I'm almost looking forward to the 15 hour car trip I'm embarking on in two weeks, just as a chance to make my brother and sister in law listen to Cabin Pressure.

Michele said...

As your Arthur likes to say BRILLIANT!!!!

Absolutely fab finale - and great to have a "big" finale just for once...

The BBC had better book you in for series 4 *right now*!

ProfZarkov said...

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! What else needs to be said . . . except otters and perhaps . . .oh. Yellow Car! I've heard this twice today and I laughed out aloud to the first one and was in tears after the second - how do you write this stuff!?
It was good to hear Gordon - you must get him back for a rematch (i'm sure he would love it! Maybe Prunella could feature too? Halyey?)
All the best John - series four please, oh and arthur needs a raise!

E. said...

That was SUCH an exciting ending.
I did have a moment at the beginning when caroline said that it was the end for "MJN Air".
However Douglas saved the day.... again.
How we love him for being a smartypants.

By the way John, my dad now claims that he saw a purple balloon. He wants the sixteen thousand points.
However it was multicoloured with some purple on it.
Your thoughts?

And thanks for an absolutely wonderful series.
It was absolutely BRILLIANT!!!!!

A.W. said...

Mr. Finnemore, you are all kinds of awesome. "St. Petersburg" was a spectacular finale - I especially loved Arthur's inability to find any words to describe his father. It shows a lot about Gordon's character if Arthur has to search for something positive to describe him. Plus, I loved Carolyn's "get off my jet now" line - I did a little cheer when she said that.

Thank you so much for yet another amazing season of Cabin Pressure - and just for the show altogether. Who knew that a British radio show would be the perfect cure for a homesick American in Germany? Maybe because it's a show about characters who are constantly traveling...Anyway - thank you. You are awesome.

Might I ask: can we look forward to more episodes of Cain Pressure in the future?

Adam Fitzroy said...

Hooray for heroic Martin proving he is not just a nincompoop in a hat, and hooray for Douglas relaxing and trusting him. But this was definitely Arthur's episode, what with his fear of his father and his concern for the poor goose. Let's hope that's the end of Baldy's nefarious schemes to reacquire G-ERTI!

Rachel said...

Another awesome episode! I was there at the recording and remember it being brilliantly funny (Arthur falling to his knees in silent anguish over the rejected gin springs to mind...) but I'd forgotten loads of it so it was just as funny as the first time! Then again, no episode has failed to make me laugh yet no matter how many times I hear it XD
Absolutely wonderful - will there be a series 4? You have to get to the end of the alphabet, right...?

Wendy C. Fries said...

Growth, change, moving on, new challenges...yes, yes it's all well and good for you until a fan puts an eye out and there's crying and—

Wait. What?

What I mean to say is thank you thank you thank you Mr. Finnemore, good luck and great joy with your new challenges.

P.S. If we should get surprise radio visits with the MJN Air crew during major holidays you can be sure no one is going to cry fowl. (<-- do you see what I did there? goose? fowl? *cough*)

Sora said...

This is BRILLIANT!!! I'm really looking forward for a new season of Cabin Pressure~ ╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭ So, on behalf of all your chinese fans (you'll be surprised about how popular this radio program is among us) ( ̄︶ ̄), may I just say thank you and PLEASE keep going!!!

R. Valentine said...

Sick in bed listening, soar throat, laughing so hard now I am unable to talk, husbans says it's the 1st time in eight years I have been a lost for words...(Good for him) so sad it's the last one...have not been able to find it on dics in the US.

Thank you John
Best for the weekend

Unknown said...

SUCH a great episode. I look forward to these every week but I have to say I actually applauded at the end of this one.
And having Timothy West and Benedict Cumberbatch sharing the stage made me think of when they did the Rumpole series together (which were brilliant!)

Pauline said...

So THAT'S why it's called MJN! Great finale. I'm so glad you didn't make the problem with Gerti Martin's fault, as in your notes (thanks so much for sharing those, BTW). It was a shame you had to cut the bit about booking the office in MJN's name but hopefully we'll hear about Douglas and Martin's fathers in the next series. There WILL be a next series won't there (or I'm not paying my licence fee).

Anonymous said...

If Cabin Pressure became a TV show for the BBC, do you think they'd have the budget for the CGI needed to turn Benedict Cumberbatch into a short, red faced man?

Mandy said...


Especially your fabulously dreadful Aussie accent... it tickles me that Arthur is half Australian - yay from an Aussie - I feel slightly more connected to the characters (in a completely tangential way!).

I loved Timothy West in this as the villain of the piece - hope he comes back - although was he really trying to do an Aussie accent???!! (I'll pretend he wasn't - I suppose he snuck in a few more 'bloodys' every now and then for effect :-))

So good - so many superlatives to throw at you. I was genuinely moved by Arthur's inability to describe his father positively, his faith that everything would work out and how the crew banded together in the end.

Brilliant, sneaky Douglas and lovely Martin. Carolyn is awesome (I applauded too when she told Gordon to get off the plane).

And yes, elephants are brilliant and so very necessary - maybe not in moving the story forward but they are lovely and you draw so well.

So when can we expect to be able to purchase Season 3 (so that I may play continually in my car on the way to and from work each day)?

Thank you, and I look forward to more - we have to get through the whole alphabet at least once!

Caroline said...

It was a truly wonderful episode, Mr.Finnemore. Martin got to be The Captain, Arthur was more adorable than ever (who knew it's even possible?), Carolyn won a true battle and Douglas lived up to his reputation :) And it was all extremely sweet and touching. And hilarious, of course - but that's a norm for this brilliant show ;)

Molly said...

Mr. Finnemore--
You've entirely outdone yourself this season, and that's saying a good deal, considering the previous seasons. It is going to be more than a little bleak to face Friday mornings without a new flight, and the company of the various magnificent men (and Carolyn) in their flying machine. "Thank you very much," is a rather thin phrase to use, "Thank you a hundred thousand times," still seems a bit short, so: Paramount thanks for a very lovely season that left me much the better (and happier) for having heard it.

Anonymous said...

I can well understand how you got Timothy West: it's a brilliant (sic) show!

It was a lovely episode. I really hope there will be a fourth series. I want to see the crew fly again, boosted by the confidence they must have got from beating Gordon (and landing in a crosswind). Much as I adore their usual bickering, it was so nice to see them pulling together and appreciating each other.

What can I say, John? Just a massive THANKS. Cabin Pressure has made me giggle more than you can possibly know.

Jsemleslie said...

Trying really, really hard to save this episode till Tuesday, when I have to go back to work at the end of the summer (I'm a teacher). I have a 45 minute commute, and the giggling will make the journey much more pleasant.

Introduced the show to my friend on a 16 hour drive from Austin, Texas to St. Louis, Missouri in June, when we listened to both the first two series. Between it and the Unbelievable Truth we were very nearly a road hazard with all the laughing.

FrenchListener said...

No pressure John !!! BUT there MUST be a season 4 !!! You brighten our lives !!! see all this wonderful comments from all over the world !

So .... No Thanks
But MERCI ! Merçi! merçi! merçi infiniment ! sincèrement !
Some people will be lucky to see you in London !!!! take care !!!

Jane Russ said...

Well done Mr. Finnemore, as always hilarity and touching moments in equal measure. Arthur not being able to describe his father and being so anxious to buy him something really hit the spot.

You are a national treasure. It's official!!

Role on series 4 and thanks.

Hannah said...

The latest episode was a joy to listen to! I only started listening to the show late last year, but it has fast become one of my favourite things - I often play episodes in the car, and at work, and just around the house. I never get bored of listening, and I must've heard each episode over 30 times each. Friday nights at 8.30 (which is when season 3 has been airing here in Australia) are something I've looked forward to all week - what on earth am I going to do now?!

I loved seeing Martin do so well in a crisis this ep, and to see Douglas and Carolyn acknowledge how well he did. I loved seeing a bit more of Arthur's life (as he is my favourite character!)

Basically, this series has been wonderful, so thank you so much for all the hard work you put into it! And thank you for the weekly blog posts, and the glimpses into your writing process. I've loved reading them and the inclusion of the elephant at the end of this week's was so cute!

I'm really hoping for a fourth season - and in the meantime, I shall continue to re-listen to all the past episodes!

Alan Greening said...

Gone out with a bang. This is the best radio sitcom for a very long time. Thank you, I can't wait for the next.

Anonymous said...

This is a gem of a show. It demonstrates such brilliant writing and acting that we absolutely have to have a fourth series to finish the alphabet. It would be a travesty not to. Very rarely do we get comedy shows that are laugh out loud funny and bittersweet at the same time. That are entertainingly silly and really cleverly plotted. That lift our spirits and make us think. Well done John Finnemore! Your mother must be proud.

Lizbeth said...

Stupendous finale but you simply must finish the alphabet. I can't wait for Ulan Bator. And do keep it on radio. Our imaginations can run riot so much better without visual images.
Thank you for bringing us so many priceless moments

Rebecca said...

Awesome series finale! Everyone was great and adorable, and it was nice to see them sticking together (and to planes.) And as always, I enjoy the glimpses behind the scenes in these posts; thank you for doing this.

Btw, I listened to Newcastle again the other day--so Gerti is the love child of a Douglas and a Martin? ;-)

Malcolm Mailer said...

In Arthur's words, "Brilliant!"

I thought you might be intereted in this photo I snapped of some crew seats on a US Airways flight from Manchester to Philadelphia a couple of weeks ago. Whilst not citrus it is clearly a fruit and you should be able to claim your IPR.

I hope there is going to be another series in the not too distant future.

Malcolm Mailer said...

Try again as the link got truncated


Amandha said...

I cannot believe the season is over already :'( And that we are getting dangerously closer to the letter Z D:

Those were some brilliant six fridays I had, thank you very much, I am so hoping for series 4 now (and maybe Christmas special, pretty please??).

And if there's ever a Rotterdam post, could you please answer how tall (or short) is Martin supposed to be? It got me really curious.

Tina R. said...

Loved this episode! I'm so glad that Martin didn't panic and crash the plane. I'm so glad Douglas came through for Arthur (because nothing is more heart-breaking than a Sad Arthur) and managed to save the day. I'm so glad that Carolyn got Gerti in the divorce and didn't let Gordon take it back. Whew.. lots of good things in this episode.

Thanks for another great series of Cabin Pressure! Hubby and I have made it a habit to listen to the episodes in the car on the way to work, so I don't know know what we're going to do now that the third series is over. Listen to it again? Let's hope the BBC green lights another series so we can continue this fine tradition!

In the meantime, we'll be playing "Yellow Car"...

equusentric said...

This has been an absolutely BRILLIANT season! I have listened to each episode multiple times (sometimes immediately after I'd just listened to it) and they never grow stale.

While I am very sad that the season is over already (six episodes just whets the appetite...I'm afraid I'm still terribly hungry for more! *sigh*), "St. Petersburg" was a fantastic ender. I physically startled when the engine blew and felt genuine worry for them. It's a testament to your wonderful characters and the fantastic actors that bring them to life (including yourself, yay!) that one forgets they're fictitious.

As an aside, I am quite pleased that Martin landed the plane competently. It's heartwarming to have Martin win at things sometimes, but it also shows that Carolyn is not frugal to the point of negligence by using an incompetent pilot. Douglas's automatic "okay" at Martin's doing the landing actually made me smile through my anxiety.

And the ending. Absolutely fantastic! MJN is truly a family and this episode really brought that home.

I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH! Thank you, Mr. Finnemore, for bringing us such a delightful program. I will be sitting here listening to everything for the Nth time and hoping very much for a Season Four.

Nat said...

Amazing Episode! My favourite of this series is Ottery St Mary, but this one comes in a very close second.

Thank you so much for this 3rd series and I hope that there are lots of wonderful things stored in the future for you!

All the best from Buenos Aires, Argentina

QueenTitania said...

"Both the final episodes of the first two series were 'shut-in' ones; the main characters alone, passing the time, annoying each other, playing games, and with a bit of character revelation. I really like episodes like that..."

I'm so glad to hear you say that, because those episodes are my favorites. (Particularly Limerick. I've nearly got the whole thing memorized from repeated listening.)

That being said, I want to say that St Petersburg was really extraordinary. I absolutely love that you not only gave the landing to Martin, but he did it brilliantly. And Arthur describing his dad... I really just wanted to hug him/(you?). As Douglas says, Arthur describing anyone or anything with any other word than 'brilliant' was startling, and really tells you a great deal about Gordon. And Douglas! Clever Douglas, I was never more proud of him.

The fact that I was genuinely nervous that you were going to do MJN in really tells something about how attached I've gotten to this series, which, consequently, reflects very highly on your skill as a writer.

Wonderful, as always, and I look forward to series 4. (No ifs about it, there must be more!)

QueenTitania said...

Also, I literally punched the air with Carolyn's "Get off my jet NOW!" She's so wonderful. And badass.

Also, a game Martin is truly and utterly rubbish at. Hilarious.

Edward said...

Another wonderful programme, another wonderful series. As for doing a TV series, a wonderful idea and - unlike one of your other correspondents - I think Benedict Cumberbatch would have no trouble fulfilling the role, just look at him in the promo picture. Perfect. The campaign for series 4 starts here?

Snowy said...

I rarely comment on your posts, but I felt it would be appropriate because it was the Season 3 finale this week. I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for bringing this series to life. I actually discovered Cabin Pressure last year, at a really stressful time in my life. It truly helped getting through those darker hours when it felt like I couldn't laugh at anything. Bit pathetic, I know, but it truly helped to have some quality British humour I could listen to whenever I wanted.

So again, thank you Mr Finnemore, you wonderfully talented man!

Jules Johnson said...

GENIUS! I for one was worried .. lots of finger-crossing and come-ON-Douglas!ing going on with me.. followed by much PHEW! and the loudest cheer and biggest grin for Carolyn's get off line. So much drama and heart in this episode, along with the laughs .. if I could care more about each and every member of the crew I would have to adopt them all. Congratulations for all of the awesome and thank you for all of the joy that is Cabin Pressure.

Like the rest of the World and his wife, will wait in anticipation for news of a series 4 and whilst the prospect of the end of episode Z is something I'd rather not think too hard about - it must be followed by an encore performance of Those Magnificent Men (and Woman) In Their Flying Machines because that's MJN. Nutshell.

Tony said...

Without doubt the best radio comedy for years . I do hope there will be a fourth series in the none too distant future. Thank you John for all the laughes you have given me in series 3 . Highlight for me has to be Martin being forced to speak in french by Douglas in episode 1. Laugh every time I hear it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for a brilliant end to series 3! Martin got to do something right for once, Douglas saves the day (again), Carolyn got one over on her odious ex, and Arthur was... well, Arthur! I have even gotten a coworker of mine hooked -- if she's ever having a tough day I just ask if she needs some Cabin Pressure therapy and hand over my iPod! I'm crossing my fingers for a season 4 - I know it's getting harder and harder to get everybody together, but I realy hope the MJN family can keep coming back!

Karin said...

Another brilliant episode! (But I was kind of hoping that the "S episode" would be Stockholm). And I must say that the whole series have been excellent and very funny, with a great ending. Even though I'm sad it was the last episode, but I'm hoping for a fourth season.
I especially loved Arthur in this episode.

Thanks for a wonderful season with lots of laughs!

Musical Lottie said...

Oh wow, what a series finale that was! I have far too many favourite moments to write them all down, but Arthur being unable to describe his father was heartbreaking, and Tommo's six words were delivered perfectly :D And, I don't know whether you can do an Australian accent (I know you have to underplay your talents when in character as Arthur) but Arthur's attempt was infinitely better than any of my attempts at any accent!

This series has just been pure comic genius, and as always the episodes get funnier with each listen. It's scary to think how long we'll have to wait for the next series (how can the BBC not commission another?!) but seeing the work that goes into making each episode so brilliant, we'd not want you to have to rush. It'll be worth the wait :)

Dave Shelton said...

I think probably my favourite episode of Cabin Pressure thus far - mostly for the reasons that you like it yourself, John (may I call you John? Seems a bit presumptious now I think about it. Mr Finnemore. There, that's better) - the properly exciting drama of the bird strike, the respect behind the banter between Douglas and Martin, the professionalism when it matters, oh, and the horribly addictive rhyming journeys game (Leeds/Bristol Temple Meads? I'm a bit railway-based myself). Loved it all. Looking forward to the sketch show very much.

Oh and, you know, thank you. Thank you very much

Philippa Sidle said...

Like one of the commentators above, I discovered Cabin Pressure (at random really, while searching for something fun to do housework to on iPlayer) earlier this year at a really stressful time. And like others, I've found it incredibly therapeutic to listen to, which I do practically on a loop. I can think of few other works that are as beautifully crafted verbally, quite apart from the vivid characterisation and clever plotting. It truly is Fawlty Towers for today. I think it should be transferred to TV not because it doesn't work beautifully as radio - of course it does - but because if it were, it would reach a much wider audience and gain the recognition it deserves.

It intrigues me to hear that you struggle to write it, because the end result is so fluent and apparently effortless. Like ballet, maybe?

This episode was amazing, mainly because I was genuinely startled by the emergency and touched by the way that Martin was allowed to handle it competently. I'd expected this to be another 'bottle' episode, in line with Fitton and Limerick - both two of my favourites - but I was delighted by how different it was.

Of course I join everyone else in calling for a fourth series, although there will have to be another special to reach the end of the alphabet. Even though I live in Scotland, I'll be applying for tickets if there is!

Kate said...

John Finnemore you are simply marvellous - you have given us some great friends and you make us all laugh - the greatest gifts. Thank you...

Anonymous said...

i've now listened to it 4 times, and it's still BRILLIANT!
please write more, and please don't stop when you get to 'Z'.
Your talent is boundless. Thank you for the best crafted comedy ever created.

Ross Bennett said...

I think you're right. While the whole series is splendid, Ottery St. Mary and St. Petersburg have that extra bit of hard-earned magic.

It's amazing how the collaboration of great people all around makes everything so real. I had real heart pounding when the fire alarm went off. Really proud of M & D.

Arthur will very likely be canonized for his faith.

And a note from the student writer perspective: Wow...thank you SO much for those pages in particular. Those were a gift in a special way even among the gems already shared. Of course you know why—and I'm sure that's why you chose them.

From now on, when I hit that critical melt-down point, I'm going to jump up and cry out, "I CAN'T EVEN DRAW AN ELEPHANT!"

Ross Bennett said...

Reading through the comments.

Carolene: Hope you're feeling better soon. I haven't seen Cabin Pressure on discs in the US, but series 1 & 2 and the 2010 Christmas special are available in the US store. Magnificent value, too.

Amandha: I've been thinking on that. You know what comes after Zanzibar (or wherever)? Addis Ababa and Bora Bora. Not sure whether Clapham Common is really the best next choice, but we have time.

Kam KA said...

Well I've been lurking around this blog for a while now, thought it was about time I posted a comment =)

I have to say that it's been a joy to listen to Cabin Pressure - the comedy never fails to make me crack a smile or chuckle. Also, I must say I wasn't expecting MJN Air to be in any real danger, so the birdstrike quite caught me off-guard, though it was a pleasant change of mood. Thank you for giving me another method of cheering up.

Sabina said...

Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you

I have never in my life gotten so attached to a series (tv or radio). The characters are so brilliantly conceived and developed and I adore the fact that I could never pick a favourite : There's not been one episode in any of the three series that's ever been disappointing. And this finale was ABSOLUTELY magnificent!!!

You have no idea how much fun myself and my siblings had on our recent plane journey- toying with the idea of putting the lemon game into play, always giggling at the remembrance of martin's "escape from ze bear polaire on a pogostick" whenever the PA came on.

All previous radio sitcoms I found amusing I merely giggled at - I have never before found myself uncontrollably bursting out in full belly laughter and gone into hysterics.

So a paramount (=p) thank you Mr. Finnemore for your wonderful magnificent writing genius and all the wonderful actors and actresses who have played your characters so superbly!! Looking forward to hearing you a lot more in other projects in the future!! =D

So a paramount thank you

Claire said...

Hi John,

I wanted to echo the sentiments of everyone else and although other people have already commented brilliantly on how good Cabin Pressure is, I also wanted to say thank you for the enjoyment it has brought.

I came late to this show and so I haven't heard either of the first two series, (although I was already following your blog for your other work) and now I have the pleasure of looking forward to getting the first two series on itunes.

Thank you again and I hope you know how appreciated you are.

Anonymous said...

Hey John!

I just wanted to let out a huge THANK YOU for this season of CP. It has been -because there is no better word- BRILLIANT!

I adored you doing an Aussie accent for this one. And Ben's fake French in Qikiqtarjuaq (See? We can spell it too!)? AMAZING! This whole season (and all preceding) have been absolutely incredible! Magnificent! I'm running out of multi-sybalic praise words! D'Arvit!

Anywho, I just wanted to thank you for this season in CP in general. You are all BRILLIANT! EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU!

(On small question from an uninformed American who gets her fix between seasons on the fic prompt place on lj... Is there going to be a season 4? I hope so. We need to get to the end of the alphabet! Because, you know, it would be brilliant. ;) )

Stu said...

Fab. 6 of the best - again.

Here's the real G-ERTI;

Ross Bennett said...

Stu! Absolutely magnificent research! She's a sweetheart of a plane, clearly.

Thank you so much for sharing that photo. That's one more piece of fun.

People keep asking about future series. The BBC would be foolish not to commission a new series. John will have to confirm, but my bet is that it's all comes down to whether everyone in the cast and production team can be scheduled to be in the same place at the same time, innit? You can hear in their performances they love doing it, so it sounds like it's all a matter of whether they can.

It sounds like it was an determined act of volition on everyone's part to make this third series happen as it was. Arthur says "People are brilliant," and we know it's sadly not true everywhere in the world. Yet it sure sounds like everyone making Cabin Pressure is. Not just a treasure of talent, but a rare treat of exceptionally good people.

Marguerite said...

I loved this episode, I found the part with Arthur and his dad genuinely moving. I have my fingers crossed for a season four. Well done!

katieh said...

I just wanted to say thank you for series 3 of Cabin Pressure - it really was superb.

Thank you!

KitchenGremlin said...
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KitchenGremlin said...

Just got around to listening to St. Petersburg (I was in flight over the Irish Sea when it aired) and I can honestly say this was worth the wait! :D

By far my favourite series yet, and I can't wait for T-Z, well done and thank you for making Friday journeys to work bearable.


P.S I'm worse than Martin at Rhyming Journeys... didn't get single one!

Casy said...

What will I do on a Friday without a new episode of Cabin Pressure?? Of, course listen to the previous ones again and again and again...!!
I can hardly deceide which was my favorit one of season 3: Ottery St. Mary or St. Petersburg or ......


Hope season 4 will not be too far in the future cause we all need a good laugh nowadays.
I wish you all the best and a lot of inspiration for next season of your brilliant show.

blyve said...

This will be a sad friday without Cabin Pressure :-(

Just wanted to say that the last episode was such a fabulous and perfect seasons final.

Fingers crossed that you will be able to complete the alphabet (and start again after that, hopefully :-))

Sue O said...

Now what is the word I am groping's's's's BRILLIANT! Thank you so much, perhaps the best episode so far.

Martha said...

I loved this series! I thought it was brilliant! I can't wait till the next series (I hope there will be one). Every Friday when I listened to this, it used to brighten up my day. Thank you for such a brilliant series this year :)

Hadas Shema said...

No more Cabin Pressure? *cries and cries*

This has been an excellent series, as usual, and I'm always going to laugh at the mental image of 100 otters on a plane.

Alex said...

As an Australian in Australia, I can promise you I've heard far worse accents than Arthur's... from other Australians.

Melanie said...

This was an amazing ending ep to a marvelous season -- well done, sir! (I may have all three seasons on my iPod and listen to them when I'm doing battle with the back garden, ahem).

Oh, also, you and the cast have been commemorated by a friend of mine in art, anime-style:

Anonymous said...

Sorry to come in late to this discussion, but I didn't hear the St. Petersburg episode until today. The only thing I can add is my profound appreciation of the dialog between Martin and Arthur about the nice hot cup of coffee. I'm so glad that didn't have to be cut out to make room for something else--brilliant as the rest of it was as well.

Thank you for a gem of a series. Looking forward to the next!

Anonymous said...

Great work, as always. Just adding my tiny comment to say how much I've been enjoying it all. And to beg for a Season 4!
(and yes please to Addis Ababa, and Bora Bora! Let's go around the world again!)

Margo said...

Hello from northern California and thank you for another wonderful season of Cabin Pressure! I can't believe the depth of the characterization in what should be a silly comedy: how subtly information is given about the characters through their often ridiculous conversations. How can you make all of them have such sadness in their lives yet be so funny? I love how consistent the Cabin Pressure universe is -- I always start proselytizing with the very first episode because the later ones build from it.

Yes, I am a Cabin Pressure evangelical, marked by crusading zeal for the series. I'm proud to say I've converted several friends and family members.

As others here have said, St. Petersburg was a terrific episode, maybe the very best of the series. I was so proud of Martin! My heart hurt for Arthur. And I really thought it was the end of MJN Air, so I was delighted with Douglas' cleverness.

Your writing makes me laugh till I cry. I love these characters so much, and want only good things for them. I'm hoping for a happy ending, for the show, for the characters, and for you. Thank you so much for Cabin Pressure!

Roger the Farmer said...

Thought you might like to see my son's model of 'Gertie'.
Kit is actually of a 1/144 Tupolev TU-334, he couldn't find a Lockheed Douglas 213!

Anonymous said...

I haven't read all the comments, but I really would like to know what modell of pen you're writing with. I love a fine tip and I'm looking into different brands. Could you please tell me your brand?

I love your note-keeping-style.

(It's really needless to say how spendidly entertained I was by this episode, and I've said it on twitter already)

Anonymous said...

Regarding losing bits and pieces, why not offering an director´s,ah, author´s cut, respectively. As Cabin Pressure does sadly not come on decent CDs, why not offer extended versions as download????

Anonymous said...

It's probably far too soon to even consider asking this you but.. Is there going to be a series 4 of Cabin Pressure? I absolutely love the show!
Oh and by the way, what happens when you run out of letters of the alphabet? I suppose you could always, I don't know.. uh, invent.. some.. more? But at the moment, with only this current alphabet in existence, Cabin Pressure will only have 6 more episodes until it reaches 'Z' and it would be shame for it to end so soon..
(I had trouble trying to think of a place beginning with 'Z' until my cousin told me I was being an idiot and reminded me of Zambia. Then the entire family decided to shame me even further by running off a list of about 6 other places beginning with the letter 'Z' including Zurich, Zimbabwe and the rather interesting Zhob. (According to my father, a small city in the Balochistan Province of Pakistan. I have to wonder what goes on in that head of his.) I tried to explain to my little sister that the purple planet of Zambala is not a real place and is, in fact, just an imaginary world from a children's TV series, but she just wouldn't have it..)

Anyway, enough of my rambling - this is supposed to be your blog! I hope to see more of Cabin Pressure and your other brilliant work in future!

-- Jobalobo (I can't remember the password to my Google Account, so an Anonymous comment, with my account name on it, will have to do.)

Lara said...

Greetings from the beautiful Germany! Just wanted to let you know that people here also love Cabin Pressure! (Even though it's not very well known unfortunately). I absolutely adore every single episode and I really, really hope there will be a 4th series! (Does begging help? I would!) So thank you very much for writing this wonderful sitcom!

Emma said...

Aww, I love this whole series and hope there will be more! Are these characters based on people you know?

valerie said...

thanks so much for "cabin pressure"!
though i think i have to stop to listen to it so often: CP quotes invade my daily conversations more and more and i bought way too much toblerone on my last trip and i sniggered my way through the cabin adress which didn't go by unnoticed by the steward.
still, i hope there's gonna be a series 4. :)

cheers & greetings from germany!

semi42 said...

So so funny,was in hysterics at Douglas and Herc trying to outsmooth each other in the Rotterdam episode

Anonymous said...

SO interesting to see your notes showing how you worked it all out ~ how did your brain not explode? it was all worth it ~ superb

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness, I always feel like such a dork posting on old(ish) blog entries >.< But I just have to say that I loved this :) I've been listening to Cabin Pressure every day for a solid week now, over and over. It puts such a smile on my face. I adore good humour without the need to be offensive or over the top. It really is a terrific cure for the blues! <3

myfunnylittlebrain said...

This has got to be my favorite episode ever. Well, this and Ottery St. Mary. I really love how all of them worked together to solve the problem. Martin did very well when he's in a really emergency situation, and Douglas was cool about it.

Gordon's a real cold scoundrel. I hate what he did to Arthur. I could just imagine's poor Arthur's face after that. I hope you could do another Gordon story line in the future.

I also admire Arthur's optimism at faith that Douglas will think of something clever and everything will be alright. That is the sort of optimism that we people lack these days. We could learn a thing or two from Arthur.

It's a very excellent and brilliant piece of work. We hope to have more Cabin Pressure in the future.

4rx said...

I love that gordon special gin so much! i will buy a bottle soon!

Anonymous said...

It is thoroughly, as Arthur would say, BRILLIANT. I've just listened to it again for the thirtieth time.

mizu said...

Greetings from Hong Kong(which rhymes with itself, apparently)!

Just finished listening to St Petersburg today and it was BRILLIANT! I love how Martin is capable of handling a real emergency brilliantly! And how Arthur's gift is of use towards the end! And Gordon getting what he deserves(being mean to Carolyn and poor Arthur is a big no). And Carolyn's "get off" line is brilliant too! And of course, Douglas saving the day with his brilliant plan, and the fact that the plan involves all the cabin crew members makes me really happy! It's such a superb season finale, and it's definitely one of my favourites!

And I just realized I finished listening to all three seasons of Cabin Pressure in about a week...Sherlockian friends had been nudging me into listening, and after the first few minutes I'm immediately hooked...and it's now my turn to nudge my friends! English isn't the mother tongue for us Chinese fans, so sometimes googling and discussions are needed, but this is so worth it!

That said, thank you so much for the wonderful series and I'm looking forward to Season 4! :D

Sophia said...

Greeting from one of superfans from Hong~ Kong~~~~
I appreciate so much about Arthur's character. Sometimes if i am in a difficult situation, I would think if I were Arthur, then things or mood will be changed.
Although English is not my 1st language, definitely it gives me loads of fun. I get used to listen to any episode when walking in the street or in transit with my MP3. Other people might think me mad as I am always smiling, even laughing alone...I don't care...
Thank you for bringing us so much fun and joy. I found myself when listening to CP, the smile wearing on my face is the sweetest and most natural one. Can't wait Season 4 and even, Easter Special, New Year Special...
Brilliant Work!!!

Froggy said...

I've been listening to the three seasons over and over the last few days and I was wondering if Caroline's intro about the yacht as anything to do with the guy they flew to Hawaii over Christmas?

I know I'm over thinking it but I'd like to know.

Froggy said...

I've been listening to the three seasons over and over the last few days and I was wondering if Caroline's intro about the yacht as anything to do with the guy they flew to Hawaii over Christmas?

I know I'm over thinking it but I'd like to know.

K. said...

I thought it was nicely implied, when Gordon talked about how hairy the landing was, that what Martin had done in landing the airplane was especially difficult. But I find it heartwarming to learn that Douglas did really commend him on it. (I usually find it impossible to talk about Martin without using the word "heartbreaking", so it's nice to use the word "heartwarming" for a change.)

Anonymous said...

But please please please Sir can we have some more?
The whole family (3 generations!) love it.
When is series 4 coming out? Has it been recorded yet? Can we be in the audience?
Thank you for bringing a ray of sunshine to our lives!

Nicole said...

This episode is tied with Ottery St. Mary and Qikiqtarjuaq for my favorite and most quoted. Brilliant!!

Miss Matty said...

I am sorry to put in my comment so late but I only just discovered your hilarious blog and I just want to tell you how much I adore Cabin Pressure in general (it really is the funniest thing I've ever heard, I must have listened to each episode about ten times by now and *still* laugh out loud every single time) and the St Petersburg episode in particular. And THANK YOU for allowing Martin to land Gertie safely, I don't think I can explain the amount of gratification I felt when hearing it. I can only hope that this isn't the last we've heard of Gordon Shappey, by the way. Anyway, thank you for creating that wonderful show!

Trepinsvnsr said...

Another wonderful programme, another wonderful series. As for doing a TV series, a wonderful idea and - unlike one of your other correspondents - I think Benedict Cumberbatch would have no trouble fulfilling the role, just look at him in the promo picture. Perfect. The campaign for series 4 starts here?

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Anonymous said...

I can hear the 'Rather well, actually' in Douglas's voice. God I love this show.

Lexi said...

Oh, I did love this episode (I've only just heard it, got on to Cabin Pressure late on 4Extra).

I was decorating at the time, and played it four or five times with iplayer. Hugely enjoyed each time, and was sad when its seven days were up.

Thank you :o)

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