Thursday, 8 December 2011

24 things I drew this month - Thing Eight

Monsters! (Part 2)

My scanner's not quite big enough for it, but you get the gist. Monsters. That's the gist.


Sparrow said...

I like the green rabbit like think in Thing Eight. Really enjoying this. Now, you need to publish a book of all your favorite artwork!

Cringing Wretch said...

It somehow resembles the Cabin Pressure promo picture to me.

Very nice.

Horsa said...

Is that the (green) rabbit of positive euphoria in the midst?

Been meaning to comment and say Well Done on the award. Brilliant!
Will you be able to hang it on the Christmas Hatstand?

In John Lewis the other day I was regarding the Talisker gift sets when one of the assistants, sorry, partners, approached another and aid "Do you want to be in the Secret Santa? It's only £5" I'd been listening to Birling Day 1 and Molokai only the day before! What are the chances of that happening?
Had a good yellow car score on the way home too. Roll on Series 4 of CP. Merry Christmas. Horsa

Horsa said...

Sorry-for "aid" read "said"

Horsa said...

Sorry-for "aid" read "said"

Anonymous said...

Tut tut John, methinks you might have cheated and drawn the whole Monsters picture yesterday...;)

Love the picture! Very nice.

Mia said...

You sir, are obscenely talented.

Nance said...

Some of these guys are just pretending to be monsters. But actually they spend the day as plush toys.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous lacks John's eye for detail. It is clear, on the right side, that the picture was incompletely coloured at the first posting.

Trillian said...

My favorite is the green bunny esque monster.

Anonymous said...

Backrow: Martin, Douglas and Herc? :)

You know these drawings just up your cute credentials, don't you?

Anonymous said...

That shifty dude at the back is up to something, he has that look...

Anwyn en fa said...

I think the ostrich thing is my favorite. him/her and the little guy on the bottom left.

Anonymous said...

The little guy at the bottom looks like something from Fraggle Rock...

D said...

They're delightful! Looks like something (or rather, a collection of somethings) out of a children's book. You're really good!

kodama said...

The green bunny is my favorite one I suppose.
I love the colouring very much.

Friday said...

You copied my family photo!

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