Tuesday, 13 December 2011

24 things I drew this month - Thing Thirteen

Another scribbly one, but I thought it was time I tried drawing something that wasn't a face or an animal. Or the face of an animal. So, here's this. 


Anonymous said...

Now this I really love. You should get this printed, it's a lovely design for a bookmark (perfect shape!)

emily michelle said...

This is really beautiful—definitely my favorite of the drawings so far.

Sparrow said...

Like this one much.

Is that a Tardis sitting in front of the building? And if so, can you make the sound of it?

Anwyn en fa said...

What a nice view! You have keen eye for detail. The bikes make me happy.

Julian Greenbank said...

Very good

pj said...

Ah, but you've snuck in a face just to the right of the doorway. Looks a bit grumpy.
I'm enjoying the drawings a lot, by the way. Look forward to the rest.

Daedalus said...

Makes me think of "Boulevard of Broken Dreams".

Sabina said...

This is my absolute favourite!!

Anonymous said...

Put some shading by the feet, It'll stop the man floating and anchor him to the ground. Nice one though!

Musical Lottie said...

Oh wow, this is really beautiful. All of your drawings thus far have been really good, but I think this is my favourite.

I agree with Sarah-L-B; it would be great for a bookmark!

Rebecca said...

Oooh, this is lovely!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love this. Thanks for sharing it!

kodama said...

Amazing work. The architecture drawings are absolutely beyond me. I can admire yours at least :)

Shani said...

This is a great drawing. Well done :)

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