Wednesday, 14 December 2011

24 things I drew this month - Thing Fourteen


Neutronenstern said...


Anonymous said...

Haha! :D I love doodles like this :)

Sparrow said...

You got my nose a little too big, but the rest is perfect.

We've really been enjoying the great artwork!

Cringing Wretch said...
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Cringing Wretch said...

Pink Panther as an elderly man.

Anwyn en fa said...

This looks like one of the cavemen from the newspaper comic B.C.

Claire said...

It reminds me of Vincent Van Gough.

GrapefruitspoonsGirl said...

Wow. This has to be my favourite! What did you use to draw it? Looks like watercolour... maybe?

John Abraham said...

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kodama said...

You make brilliant cartoon faces. Have you ever thought about desiging cartoon characters? ;D Or at least ilustrating Cabin Pressure? :D

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