Monday, 19 December 2011

24 Things I drew this month - Thing Eighteen

Whoops, late again. So, first today, here's something to make you glad it's not summer.


Sparrow said...

Funny that, and a common sight here in Florida (so I avoid the beaches as much as possible)

Perhaps Mr. Burling on holiday?

Anonymous said...

I concur with Sparrow - it's an occupational hazard living down here.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, it is summer here. And what a stinker it is turning out to be! I expect to see many of your specimen out and about.

Anonymous said...

I just had horrible flashbacks to many of the people I saw on Weymouth beach. Traumatizing... o_O

Anonymous said...

That terrapin must be getting an eyeful. ;)

Cringing Wretch said...

Put me right off my breakfast.

Amandha said...

It's summer in HERE.
31ºC and getting hotter :P
How I envy you...

Annie said...

Have you ever seen Lilo & Stitch? He reminds me of that horribly sunburned man who kept dropping his ice cream cone (maybe this is how he got sunburned!).

Anonymous said...

holy hell, it´s santa and he´s balding!

Miss Pear said...

ARGH! IT'S SOUTHEND! (There will always, ALWAYS be gonks who think that sunbathing on a pebble beach on the Thames is not only acceptable, but compulsory.)

Anwyn en fa said...

I was already glad it's not Summer. This however, made me frightened of it.

Sasha said...

This one is my favorite. It is completely beautiful to me. Not partially, but completely. Big, saggy, hairy, gross... it's so much more fun to draw than pretty people. At least for me.

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