Monday, 5 December 2011

24 things I drew this month - Thing Four

Hello, sorry, I was at the Winter Festival in Hay on Wye yesterday; without my scanner or indeed my computer. So, here's yesterday's Thing, a quick caricature of someone I saw at the festival:

...And I'll put today's up later tonight, and we'll be on track again.


Sparrow said...

Yahoo! Thing 4! Thanks Sir John, you've brightened my day...

Anonymous said...

David Crystal OBE?

Anonymous said...

Yay! I kept checking your blog over and over for the next sketch...not sure if that means 1) I really love them or 2) I need to get a life o_O but either way I'm happy to see it :D

John Finnemore said...

Well, yes, ish, but it's not a very good likeness, so I wouldn't call it a caricature of him, so much as a face inspired by his. I did one which was a better likeness, but a less exuberant drawing, so I chose this one.

Gaia Fay said...

Please let one picture be of a) Gerti and the Scottish cricketers in Douz or b) Rabbit of Negative Euphoria (I've been dying to know what it looks like!)

Anwyn en fa said...

This guy looks like if Cyrano de Bergerac were a film critic.

I hope you had a fun weekend at the festival! I'm sad I had to miss it due to geographic reasons.

Anonymous said...

S'il te plait monsieur, dessine-moi un mouton?

kodama said...

Uncle Freud~~~ <3

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