Friday, 23 December 2011

24 Things I drew this month - Thing Twenty Two

Bah, Humbug.


Cringing Wretch said...

It's Abe Lincoln. On a stick.

(With courtesy to Jeff Dunham.)

BooMarshall said...

Is it..? Could this be a self-portrait of yourself? xD

Sparrow said...

Why the long face? Very clever.

Lucie said...

Excellent drawing, you've given him so much personality!
He looks like a caricature of Stephen Fry's character from The Bleak Old Shop of Stuff with the wind-up hat.

Anwyn en fa said...

My sentiments exactly.

D said...

Thing Twenty Two already? I don't want the drawings to stop! They're so cool :) I like this one, he looks like he belongs in Bleak Expectations!

Annie said...

Super skinny scrooge! He's "stretched" his dollars too far.

Ross Bennett said...

But no eagle chair behind him this time?

These are stunningly good, btw. Fave so far has to be Queen Victoria-driven tube train, if only for the juxtaposition of personalities.

Caractacus Potts said...

Run! It's the Child Catcher!

Anonymous said...

Or Mr. Gently-Benevolent?

Anonymous said...

In a weird way it looks like he really needs that hat, or else he'd actually be really short. And you can't be big and scary if you're five feet tall, haha!

Tektonick said...

Is there anything you, Sir, cannot do???

But wait, you've answered that already:

Do you remember the last time you asked yourself whether I could or couldn't do that thing, and then it turned out I couldn't?


Hmm, neither do I...

Anonymous said...

Please, leave some talent for the rest us. Thank-you.

Anonymous said...

I know that non everyone with sideburns, a coat and a top hat is Javert, but is it javert?

Anonymous said...

I know that not everyone with sideburns, a coat and a top hat is Javert, but is it Javert?

Unknown said...

Excellent sketch. The style reminds me of another comic genius: Willie Rushton

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