Tuesday, 20 December 2011

24 Things I drew this month - Thing Nineteen

Here, have a scribbly opera house.

Buildings are really dull to draw, it turns out. Glad I'm not an architect.


Nance said...

You're like the Christmas votive calendar that I forget to open. It's twice as good to get two chocolates the following day.

Cringing Wretch said...

I'm guessing something in the style of Rubens or Caravaggio.


Rupert Goodwins said...

Shurely Noddy Holder? After all, it's Chriiiiistmas!

Sparrow said...

Oh, I would love something in the style of Rubens, or maybe Botaro. Can't wait!

Sparrow said...

Wow, I blew it up and the detail is awesome in your opera house. Now you just need to draw the singer inside wearing viking horns :)

Anwyn en fa said...

Architecture may be a tedious thing to draw but it's not dull. Sometimes buildings have more interesting stories to tell about people than people do.

This is brilliant by the way.

Anonymous said...

Pity they're no fun to draw because it came out great!

Anonymous said...

And yet you manage to make it look alive, somehow - as if it has a personality of its own and could get up and move about if it wanted.

Rebecca said...

This is awesome! I love old buildings, and this one looks great!

Anonymous said...

See, I saw the drawing before I read the text and my immediate reaction was 'basilica'! I'm presuming it has orange terracotta roofs and honey-coloured walls? Surely the appropriate location for RA to return to the role of Javert?


emily michelle said...

It may have been dull to draw but it's quite lovely to look at.

Wendy C. Fries said...

It's necessary that you be informed of something of which you are clearly wildly ignorant:

People can't just up and draw in a wide range of styles. Our brains don't work that way. Most of us wedge the same tropes into everything we do, which is why it's easy to recognize a person's artwork, or poem, or plate of homemade biscuits for heaven's sake.

I felt you needed to know this because you're refusing to limit your drawings to one recognizable style, instead you display a wide range of eye-widening skills and this is upsetting.

Please rectify soon, sir. Thank you.

ian said...

Oh thanks !!!!
Fair point though, that may explain why I am looking at your website at 2.50pm on a Monday when I should be finishing a design for a house extension.
I like your work though-drawn and written.

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