Monday, 12 December 2011

24 things I drew this month - Things Twelve a, Twelve b, Twelve c and Twelve d.

I was away at the weekend, so I took a sketchbook, and tried doing some quick, rough sketches of people unlucky enough to sit near me, before they either moved or noticed. Also, to encourage me to be fast and loose, I tried not rubbing anything out; with mixed results, as you'll see.

On the train up:

In a cafe: (That's a tumbler of orange juice in front of him; he's not a giant with a pint.)

At the barber's:

In the pub:


Cringing Wretch said...

Oh, I'm sure they'll be fabulous. The sketches, I mean. Though I'm sure the women are quite fabulous on their own as well.

D said...

Tee hee :) your placeholders are more amusing than most people's entire blogs. How are you so funny? Do you take a special vitamin?

Sparrow said...

You owe me a new keyboard, wireless 'cause I just blew my drink out my nose in laughter when I hit F5 and that came up!


Laura Johnson said...

How is it that I'm just as excited for a fill-in post than a real one? You must be cheating somehow, I just can't work out how you've done it.

Anwyn en fa said...

I love your brilliant sketches! I never liked drawing in public because it seems like everyone wants to watch me draw. It's awkward.

Catlin said...

I love these so much. So. Much.

Anonymous said...

I love trying to draw without erasing any lines, I like the effect it creates. These are great! Its always fun to sketch really fast without too much time to be picky over the details, the results can be quite surprising :)

Anonymous said...

Stephen Fry drinking an OJ?

kodama said...

So sweet. I always try to sketch other people, but they're never so vivid like on your pictures. They look like a storyboard for some french animation. They're so lively!

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