Sunday 4 December 2022

24 Elephants or Bears - Elephant or Bear 4



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Have you ever seen a bear combing its hair?

Anonymous said...

It's not *truly* 24 Things until the spam bots show up!

slepkane said...

I've forgotten!

v.edgy said...

Oh where, oh where
Is the bike of your bear?

Is it in for repair?
Do its tyres need some air?
Or are they too... bare?
Or does it need a spare?
Or a few for the lair?
Or perhaps a new chair?
I meant saddle, up there ^
Or a deraillair?
Or a brake callipair?
Or just one? Which is rare
Or a rear reflectair?
It's never a front one, no really, ne'er
Or, to help with the weight of all of that... hair,
Is it in to get fitted with an electric motair?
Does anyone else care?
No? That's enough (fair)
Is this too long to share?
I'm detecting a stare
Quite a hard one - a glare
God, I miss Lionel Blair
Someone send up a flare
Someone answer this prayer
To end this, just end this, please end this nightmare

Has it ended?.. Yeah!