Thursday 8 December 2022

24 Elephants or Bears - Elephant or Bear 8

 Alt Text update from yesterday- it seems alt text is a nightmare, and can only be accessed by certain people, on certain makes of phone, and only then by answering three riddles set by a manticore. So I’ve come up with a cunning alternative.

ALT TEXT: a cartoonish sketch of the head of a brown bear. He or she is smiling at us pleasantly, but there’s something a little off about their eyes. I feel you should not entirely trust this bear.


slepkane said...

Because it's an ELEPHANT!

v,edgy said...

Alternative, alternative text. Whoa, that is genius! Hold on, don't two alternatives make a... No, it's gone.

NOOO! I've taken so long composing this comment that Simon has snuck in there and won this round. [expletive needed]

Anonymous said...

Great that we can see the alt text now, even on out-of-date phones. Shocking to see you suggest that asymmetric eyes suggests untrustworthiness, but that smile ... well dodgy!

v.edgy said...

What are the chances of two Anonymouses (Anonymice?) posting exactly the same comment at exactly the same time? Slim, I should think... Very slim.

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