Wednesday 7 December 2022

24 Elephants or Bears - Elephant or Bear 7

Two orange elephants, drawn in wax crayon. One is a baby, riding on the other's back. This motif will recur in this series of pieces, as it reflects my patron's strongly expressed taste.
M'learned commenter Tim has pointed out, more in sorrow than in anger (at least I hope so) that I am not providing Visually Impaired Squadron with as much information as they are hopefully used to getting from me on Twitter. This is because I didn't know that Blogger has an Alt Text function for pictures, but it turns out it does, which is great news for me, because I love doing the Alt Text, and discovering it is more or less the last reason I'm still (very sporadically) on Twitter. 

So, from yesterday on, these elephants or bears should have explanatory alt text. Simon, be warned these may contain spoilers for your game.

ALT TEXT: Study of two orange elephants, one baby one riding on the larger one's back, in deference to my patron's unwavering and strongly expressed taste. Executed in cheap wax crayon. There is a reason why the masters of the renaissance so rarely used cheap wax crayons for their works. However, art experts are divided as to whether this reason was 1) cowardice or 2) lack of talent. 


slepkane said...

Should I want to avail myself of that function, which is the text button? (And is it The Ambassadors by Hans Holbein?)

v.edgy said...

Wonderful! And well done, Tim!

v.edgy said...

Simon, just in case John becomes as sporadic here as he is on Twitter, I avail myself of that function by long-pressing the image (on my phone), which brings up a menu with some of the Alt Text at the top, and then tapping that text to expand it. Very much looking forward to more availing in the future... and possibly the past. Oh, also, I'm really enjoying your game. Pretty sure you're leading, but it's early days.

slepkane said...

Ah thanks! I'm on my laptop

v.edgy said...

You're very welcome! There should (and may well) be a better way to do this, but try right-clicking (with your mouse) on the image and select 'Inspect' from the context menu, or whatever action with whatever pointing device brings up a menu with 'Save image as...', 'Copy image', etc. Then select 'Inspect', or something similar, which should bring up the raw HTML code and other slightly scary stuff, but hopefully you'll see the code for the element (the image) highlighted, which should include all the fabulous alt text. In case that fails, here it is:

Two orange elephants, drawn in wax crayon. One is a baby, riding on the other's back. This motif will recur in this series of pieces, as it reflects my patron's strongly expressed taste.

slepkane said...

Ah! I only get a bit of that text.

Kirsty said...

I find if you click on the alt text in 'inspect', it expands so you can read it all.

Anonymous said...

Long-pressing the image on my android phone doesn't offer any option like that. Images I see elsewhere sometimes have an 'i' button which brings up some text when tapped, possibly the kind being discussed here?

Unknown said...

On a comp in Firefox when I right click on the image in this post towards to bottom of the list that's in the pop-up menu there's "Inspect Accessibility Properties", when I click on that among the stuff that shows up is the full alt text, and the abbreviated alt text. Took some searching as I've not used it before, or noticed it exists... No clue if it's called something different in other browsers.

Deb said...

wtf I thought I left a name with my above comment, can't edit one in of course...

Tim said...

Hey John, thanks so much for the alternative text. Elephants are obviously orange. p.s. When I hear the phrase Orange Elephants it reminds me of a quick scene in the second series of Blackadder, can't quite remember the episode but the actress for Queen Elizabeth I, Miranda Richardson, is telling a story about going to see elephants and Stephen Fry her courtier Melchett, tries to correct her that the usual colour is grey. It's a lot funnier in context!! Anyways, can't wait to hear about further projects, and looking forward to any news on Good Omens 2.

v.edgy said...

Kirsty, thank you! You may have just saved Simon a few minutes of his time reading through another few hundred words of my troubleshooting nonsense.

Simon, hope Kirsty's solution works. If not... I have a plan. It will, however, involve you letting me know your operating system, your browser... And the last three numbers on the back of your credit card. Quiet, Pedro!

Unknown, delighted to know you've got it working and thanks for your feedback.

Deb, I'm not sure whether you're Unknown or Anonymous, but I feel your pain.

Anonymous, sorry to hear that. I have an Android phone too, so it's probably a device issue, or a Android version thing. You can shout something at me, if that would help.

Tim, you are amazing.

Everyone, it seems we, or some of us, would like a way of having John's awesome Alt Text in a comment the moment, or shortly after the moment he publishes his image. But for the life of me I can't think of one... No, not a clue... Absolutely nothing.

Anonymous said...

V.edgy, yes, maybe the version. I'm on v.9. Anyway, John has found a good workaround now, so np. Just waiting for him to go back and edit the accessibility text into all the existing posts. Could be some time, I imagine ....

v.edgy said...

Anonymous, responding to your points in order:
* Ok, I'm on 13, that could be it.
* I simply don't know how John does it.
* I think Simon has been doing just that, although a little more detail wouldn't go a miss.
* Time will tell. However, there's nothing stopping you, or anyone else, except Pedro perhaps, from adding our own descriptions.

Firefox Deb, it took a while and all my powers of deduction, but I believe you are, or were, Unknown?

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