Friday 9 December 2022

24 Elephants or Bears - Elephant or Bear 9

 ALT TEXT: An elephant - if it is an elephant (and it is an elephant) - marching dynamically from right to left. Images of elephants in motion are particularly prized by my patron, and successful examples of the genre are met with an approving 'hup two three two!': a quotation (with minor numerical modification) from The Jungle Book. 


slepkane said...


Anonymous said...

This one's enthusiasm seems excessive for its age, Disney eyes and all. Is durian fruit that exciting? Maybe there has been a cocaine-smuggling mishap, and it's keen to get at least a kilo up its hooter. Just say no, Jumbo! You could ruin your life (whatever that might consist of). Or maybe it's all his mates about to play Hungry Hungry Hippos.

v.edgy said...

It's definitely an elephant, as all three of you - you, your patron and Simon (unless Simon is your patron... in which case, as all two of you) - have confirmed. And it's magnificent!

nandi said...

An elephant in motion stays in motion, and gets very little sleep!
Wonderful drawings/cakes/sandcastles so far:)

Javier Ruiz said...

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Pedro said...

There once was a man called Javier Ruiz
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Who held dodgy, percentage-based viewith

(Full disclosure: It's not really Pedro - it's me, v.edgy)

Anonymous said...

I have critics instead of patrons. One, while still familiarising herself with English, would call elephants eckiots.

Anonymous said...

As a small child, thanks to the Jungle Book song, my brother thought the word for elephant was “hup two three”

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