Thursday, 15 December 2022

24 Elephants or Bears - Elephant or Bear 14


ALT TEXT: A drawing of an elephant, seen from the front. This view of an elephant is less favoured by my patron, but he will allow it occasionally, so long as all four knees are clearly visible. 


nandi said...

What lovely kninkles!

v.edgy said...

So, here's a thing. I realise that you've only got my word for this, but following my poor attempt at a smiley bear emoticon, yesterday, I thought I'd try again - this time using all my psychic powers to predict your next elephant or bear.

Alt Text users, you may or might like to skip the next four lines...

. ¥¥ .
{ }(• •){ }
°/ \ / \°

...which make up an elephant emoticon (font willing). But not just any old elephant emoticon. No. This is a view of an elephant *from the front*. Ok, John, your elephant doesn't have a crown, neither is it wearing any earrings, and does have knees and toes, but other than that the resemblance, I think you'll agree, is uncanny.

P.S. Please don't show it to your patron. They won't like it.

v.edgy said...

Curse you, Blogger font. Curse you!

slepkane said...

Smiley bear!