Saturday 17 December 2022

24 Elephants or Bears - Elephant or Bear 16

ALT TEXT: A quick scribbly biro bear head. I did a ‘proper’ version of this to put up here, with lots more pen-strokes and anatomy and shadows and what have you, but to my irritation the quick scribble looked more like a bear. 

No knees, either. I’m in big trouble.



Hrrrmph said...

I love our host's work but I am becoming increasingly irritated by all these unnecessarily opaque references to his "patron".
Has John become a father? Or is this a nephew or something? I wish he would just tell us straight rather than being all clever-clever about it. Not everything has to be a puzzle. Hrrrmph.

v.edgy said...

Dear Hrrrmph, I'm afraid we all have the same information as you have. And we have all drawn our own conclusions... some of them really quite weird. Mine, however, is that John bought himself a Dalmatian puppy about three years ago, who has become a massive fan of lasagne- both types- and has recently started uttering human-voice-like sounds of disapproval when John's obsession with creating elephants and bears produces pieces that don't quite come up to scratch.

I agree that that all sounds a little farfetched, but I remember that dog on That's Life who could say, 'sausages'.

If you really need to know, you may have better luck addressing your question to John, himself. Or even to John Finnemore. (Little joke, there - apologies.)

Finally, I now feel very self-conscious about trying to reply to John with a clever-clever, possibly irritating, comment... I know, I'll ask Pedro to do it.

Pedro said...

It's bear yays, from us - as opposed to the béarnaise from you know who. (Bloomin' autocorrecf!)

Seriously now, we're very concerned for you, and your neighbours... when your patron sees their first [pet] passport photo.

v.edgy said...

Thanks, Pedro.

Pedro said...

You're welcome.

slepkane said...

I am John's patron. Sorry if that wasn't clear. Now he's trying to fob me off that "the cheeks are the knees of the face" but, to be honest, I'm buying it. Bear!

Anonymous said...

The ears must be the knees of the face. All those swirls and wrinkles.

v.edgy said...

Nice try, Simon. However, I think you'll find...

I am John's patron!

And to prove it my client's next piece will be: an elephant wearing a small crown, large earrings, and four fairly normal knees.

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