Friday 16 December 2022

24 Elephants or Bears - Elephant or Bear 15


ALT TEXT: The head of a bear, figured in every artist's medium of choice: yellow Playdoh. And looking considerably more apprehensive than the artist intended, although I suppose that makes a change from all the inane grinning. 

The 'head only' approach is by far my patron's least favourite. He loathes it, and any such submission is immediately met with outraged cries of 'Knees! Knees!' However, as I believe Caravaggio used to say to Cardinal Del Monte, "There's only so much Playdoh in the tub."


Tim said...

it's a bear bust. or perhaps a bare bear bust.

v.edgy said...

Toes! Toes!

slepkane said...

"Bear knees" says a tease!

Anonymous said...

Playdoh? You've got some neck! Oh! Hang on... no, you haven't.

Anonymous said...

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